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All about wood

(In the above clip Spencer and Jim use straws to explain about the grain structure of wood.  The following visuals show the "straw" effect.  Click HERE and HERE.)


At the Wood Technology Society of IOM3, our interests are in the study and utilisation of woody materials. Whilst wood comes from trees, our interest in growing trees is limited to ensuring that the resource remains sustainable.

To hear a very interesting and wide ranging 30 minute discussion about all things trees and wood listen to Anna Ploszajski in conversation with Dan Ridley-Ellis FIMMM

If trees are your main interest then please consult the Institute of Chartered Foresters

The contribution of the UK wood industry to the UK economy is huge.  It is valued at over £9 billion per annum and is the fifth most important industry sector in the UK. Consumption of timber and panels is currently running at around 17million m3 per annum. For more information please visit the Timber Trade Federation.

Follow the links below for more information on the following topics:

Wood as a Material

Wood Products

Using Wood

Timber Species

Visual Presentations

Terms, Abbreviations & Acronyms

Essential Reading  

Wood Under The Microscope

Wood Science Snippets

Also, see Talking Timber, the regular WTS contribution to TTJ (Courtesy of the TTJ)