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Wood in Carpentry

Image courtesy of Green Oak Carpentry


Carpentry is a skilled trade involving the creation and installation of wood. There are many specialisms within the trade, each requiring special skills, but all requiring a good command of mathematics and geometry.

It is easiest to consider the creation of a building. Firstly, the site will require enclosure with hoardings. There may also be a need for advertising hoardings.

If the building is using concrete, carpenters may have to fabricate formwork to support the pouring of concrete.

As the building progresses, carpenters will need to fabricate and install floors, door and window frames and staircases.

The roof may be simple or may require the fabrication of trusses, dormers. Hip roofs require the cutting of compound angles on the various components.

Although timber frame housing may be largely factory prefabricated, carpenters are still responsible for the correct installation. Modern engineered wooden building components require special skills.

There is a market for traditional oak framing of buildings using green oak. This is highly specialised.

In building conservation, many special carpentry skills may be required. Shorings may have to be fabricated as temporary supports for buildings and unique replacement parts made.

Very special carpentry skills are needed in boat building and conservation.


Image courtesy of Green Oak Carpentry


Contributor:      Gervais Sawyer FIMMM