Technical enquiries - Materials Information Service (MIS)

The IOM3 Materials Information Service (MIS) was established to help companies to select the appropriate materials and processes for their products.

Correct materials and process selection is fundamental to a product's success – get it right and profitability and product performance are maximised, but get it wrong and poor performance and product failure soon lead to a damaged reputation in the marketplace.

Typical enquiries

The MIS typically handles 300 enquiries a month. Enquiries can be for specific information, eg gas injection moulding or details of operations at a specific mine, for details such as specifications, properties, materials selection, or for more comprehensive information such as an evaluative review of the current state of the art in a particular technology.

In most cases an answer is given over the phone, while in others, depending on the time involved, you will be contacted within a few days.

Key benefits

  • A telephone helpdesk
  • Regionally based materials advisors, all of whom are qualified and experienced materials technologists
  • Site visits as part of the Institute’s Industry Affiliate Scheme
  • A totally impartial and confidential service
  • Assistance with materials selection and supplier or sub-contractor location
  • Finding sources of expertise
  • Supplying a wide range of industry-relevant publications

Contact MIS for advice and information

1)  Use our online enquiry form on our new website or

2)  phone the MIS Helpdesk on +44 (0)20 7451 7324

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