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The Student Starpack Awards

The Student Packaging Design Awards were introduced in 1964.  In an increasingly competitive consumer market there is a growing demand for packaging designers: people who are capable of designing packs that are not only graphically attractive, but which also meet the functional requirements to preserve and protect the contents and can be produced cost-effectively with due regard to environmental issues.

As college and university courses change, the Starpack Awards strive to introduce briefs relevant to a wide range of courses, some with a graphics emphasis and others concerned with structural/product design, as well as those from materials/technology courses. 

Careers in packaging

It seems unlikely that many career-conversations would have included packaging as an option, although packaging is in constant discussion in regard to materials and waste in the environment, and in retailing where most consumer goods advertise product using pack images.

Influencing packaging design – in any one of the many career paths the industry offers, from materials and structure to graphics – provides an exciting opportunity for the next generation of young designers to really make a difference.

The key to success in the Starpack Awards

The expectation is that students will really challenge conventional thinking and break the rules with off-the-wall creativity and this will be the key criteria for judging success. Also, although structure and function are an important aspect of the evaluation just as valuable, is the understanding of the packaging as a marketing solution and how that pack beats the competition through its use in marketing materials and how it works in the retail environment.

The Student Starpack Awards are intended for potential professional designers. In the past the awards have led directly to a number of employment opportunities for successful entrants. Entrants must be a bona fide part time or full time student at a college of art, college or university in the UK or overseas.

The Starpack Awards are organised by IOM Communications Ltd and endorsed by The Packaging Society, a division of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3).