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Student Starpack Awards design briefs 2016

You can download PDFs of all the briefs at the bottom of this page.

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Entrants are recommended to read the helpful guidelines.

Brief A

“Einstein's Anniversary” Coin Collector’s Presentation Packaging

Sponsored by API

March 2016 sees the 100th Anniversary of Einstein’s publication of The Theory of Relativity.   Your brief is to produce a creative solution for a Presentation Gift Pack to hold one coin on this theme in a cardboard carton  with hot-foil decoration, that offers safe and secure containment of the coin in transit as well as display and presentation opportunities. The brief also includes designing the actual coin that will be displayed.

The Prize: One week’s work experience with API to learn from industry experts. This will include travel and accommodation.

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Brief B

Recycled polythene films – new uses

Sponsored by BPI Polythene Industries PLC

Take an existing product, currently packed in any conventional packaging material, e.g. cartonboard, metal, rigid plastic or glass, and rework a solution that would use recycled polythene film as a substitute. Give consideration to food products, but also non-food packaging used widely.

The Prize £500

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Brief C

Board of other materials? Try using corrugated!

Sponsored by DS Smith Packaging

Either: Using corrugated board, develop a piece of packaging as an alternative to any existing packaging made with other materials;

Or: Using corrugated board, design a non-packaging product, currently made from other materials, such as plastics, metals, wood or composites.

The Prize 1st prize £500, 2nd prize £250, 3rd prize £125

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Brief D

Impactful Packaging

Sponsored by DS Smith Packaging and Nestlé  

The confectionery aisle is one of the most overcrowded in the supermarket.Your challenge is to disrupt the category and create stand-out on shelf for any Nestlé confectionery brand.  Use either corrugated or cartonboard as your main material, but other materials may be introduced to bring your design to life.

The Prize 1st prize £500, 2nd prize £250, 3rd prize £125

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Brief E

Barbeque fun in the sun!

Sponsored by Graphic Packaging International

When the warm summer sun shines we all love to get together with friends and family for a BBQ. The design challenge is to develop innovative concepts for a pack to hold both food and drink refreshments to take round to a barbeque party. Whether it be beer or wine, steak or fish, bread or salad, this pack should incorporate three or more items together in a fun style carton pack.

The Prize:  £500 and work experience placement with accommodation for one week.

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Brief F

Listerine Mouthwash – the next generation

Sponsored by Logoplaste

The aim is to create a distinctive pack, or range of packs, that can be used for a new Listerine mouthwash – a future generation of design that gives this leading mouthwash brand differentiation from others.

Think of the container and product as one complete pack – creative graphics and brand identity are key to offering a simple but functional packaging solution.

The Prize: An all-expenses paid trip to Rome, Italy, to visit Logoplaste’s dedicated manufacturing plant for Listerine Mouthwash containers.

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Brief G

2020 Packaging Vision

Sponsored by Nampak

This brief is asking for an innovative plastic bottle that dispenses detergents and that work in the global marketplace.

The Prize £750 with two weeks' work experience.

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