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Student design briefs 2015

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Entrants are recommended to read the helpful guidelines.

Brief A

Grow your own culinary herb kit

Sponsored by the Benson Group
The design challenge is to create a carton board kit that contains everything you need to grow herbs in your home. The pack should hold packs of seeds, pots, compost and growing instructions. Maximize the use of carton board and consider how the outer pack can be reused, how the plants are grown and then displayed and used once grown. Could the growing pots be made from carton board?
The Prize: £500 + work experience & accommodation

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Brief B

Polythene Laminates – The Flexible Alternative for 21st Century

Sponsored by British Polythene Industries PLC

Your challenge is to design a flexible pack for a non food product that is currently packed in conventional rigid containers, but could be packed in a flexible pack.
This could be focused on a wide range of non food products such as paint samples across to herbal remedies, do not let your design thinking focus purely on existing pouch designs – think laterally.
The Prize £500

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Brief C


Sponsored by Britvic Soft Drinks

Robinsons launched a ground-breaking super-concentrated, squeezy-bottled squash that can be used anywhere to make water tasty - see
Your challenge is simple - what would you do to make it a better bottle and display carton, and re-work of the graphics to make it even more desirable and give it greater stand-out on shelf?
The Prize £500

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Brief D

New Use for Corrugated Board

Sponsored by DS Smith Packaging

Your challenge is to offer a pack, made from corrugated board, as an alternative to any existing packaging made with other materials OR, design a non packaging product, currently made from other materials, such as plastics, metals, wood or composites, using corrugated board.  Look at creative ways to fold and crease the material to optimise the strength characteristics; consider innovative use of shape and form for the structure of your design, as well as creative use of graphics (where appropriate),  research your pack choice and outline any commercial advantage and last but not least, consider the environment.
DS Smith wish to make known that colleges/uni’s interested in their brief may be able to host small groups to visit a manufacturing unit to give a better insight into how they make their products.  Contact for further information.
The Prize 1st prize £500, 2nd prize £200, 3rd prize £100

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Brief E

‘Low fat food spreads’ or butter container

Sponsored by Logoplaste

The market for thin wall container applications is growing consistently every year driven greatly, by new technology developments with in-mould labeling (IML).  The aim is to create a distinctive pack, or range of packs, that can be used to fill butter or ‘low fat food spreads’.   Think of the container and product as ONE complete pack – creative graphics and brand identity are key to offering a simple but functional packaging solution.

The Prize:  An all-expenses paid trip to Portugal to visit Logoplaste and our Innovation lab - the design and technical centre for all group R&D activity.

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Brief F

The next big thing to bottle?

Sponsored by Nampack

The challenge is to come up with an innovative bottle packaging that is fit for purpose, globally.  Nampak currently focus on food packaging however, your new pack does not need to be constrained to food & beverage packaging.  The winning design needs to be creative, innovative and sustainable. We want to see something different, something that pushes the boundaries of innovation and challenges the norm.

The Prize: £750 with two weeks' work experience

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Brief G

A Little Bit Extra!

Sponsored by PET Power

The challenge is to design a pack for the “sauces and dressings market” to include ketchups, mayonnaise and other related condiments. The latest Nielsen statistics show BBQ sector being the fastest growing food category.  Pet Power is looking for differentiation from both the strong brand leaders – Heinz and Hellmans, and also staid generic packaging.

The Prize The winning designer will have the container named after them or a name of their choice ( in consultation).  In addition there will be financial rewards:
1st Prize €350, 2nd prize €250, 3rd prize €150

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