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Schools Starpack Awards 2016 design briefs

The Schools Starpack award briefs are provided by industry experts, from manufacturers to household brands, and provide excellent opportunities for Years 10, 11 and AS level. Entry is for an individual student’s work.

Short descriptions of the briefs are given below - click on the titles for full information.

You can download a PDF copy of the brochure, with details of all briefs, at the bottom of the page.


Brief A: Gift pack for your pet

Sponsored by Graphic Packaging International                                               

Year 11 and AS Level

Create a display carton to show off some really imaginative pet gifts.

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Brief B: Flavoured Milk – ‘stay strong and healthy’

Sponsored by Logoplaste                        

Years 10 and 11

The challenge is to create a small 250ml bottle, pouch or other suitable container that can be used for supplying flavoured milk products.

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Brief C: Multifunctional receptacle for collecting waste

Sponsored by BPI Polythene Industries plc

Years 10, 11 and AS Level

Design an innovative and multifunctional receptacle for collecting packaging waste, together with an ‘awareness’ logo or symbol. This receptacle can be placed at strategic locations where recycling facilities are not normally available. The design of the logo or symbol is an integral part of this brief, raising awareness of the need to increase recycling rates.

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Brief D: Create a brand for the Rio Summer Olympics 2016

Sponsored by IOM3                                   

Years 10 and 11

Create a unique snack that evokes and brings together the cultures and the spirit, and the excitement of the event. You must appeal to all ages, all countries and all sexes. It should be packaging for a snack/food on the go.

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Documents for download: 
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