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Schools Starpack 2018 Award Winners

The Schools Starpack award briefs are provided by industry experts, from manufacturers to household brands, and provide excellent opportunities for students. Entry is for an individual student’s work. Summaries of the 2018 briefs can be found on the Starpack awards entry site or you can download the PDF brochure (1.7mb).

Details of the 2019 briefs and competition will be announced in September

Sponsored by RPC-BPI Polythene Industries

Using recycled plastic, design and develop a ‘fun’ pack for young children to collect a variety of bugs or insects for nature projects

Sponsored by Klockner Pentaplast – LINPAC

Using plastic thermoformed, or plastic film, create inspirational packaging to appeal to children to ensure they make the right healthy snack food choices

Sponsored by RPC Design

Design an innovative and ‘fun’ aspect to a piece of packaging that can hold and dispense a regular quantity of your favourite sweets

Sponsored by Logoplaste

Design and produce a 500ml bottle that reflects the ‘Great’ in Great Britain, with a new shape that represents an aspect of the UK that is recognisable and has features that would be a ‘must have’ for memorabilia collectors.

Sponsored by the IOM3 Packaging Society

Exploring a range of materials including fabrics, alternative textiles, as well as more traditional combinations of materials, design and develop an original and creative solution for the fashion industry for packaging designer branded shoes

Sponsored by Graphic Packaging International

Design a new and innovative cartonboard pack for a nutritious breakfast product that can be eaten while on the way to work, whether travelling or walking.                                                                                    

Sponsored by DS Smith, and developed by The University of Cambridge in conjunction with the NHS

Develop a packaging solution that helps reduce the anxiety of children under 6 who are having asthma treatment for the first time. The pack not only needs to contain all the items needed for asthma treatment but also needs to do it in a way that is fun and engaging for the child


Documents for download: 
PDF icon Starpack Schools brochure 2018.pdf1.67 MB