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2016 Schools Brief D: Create a brand for the Rio Summer Olympics 2016

Sponsored by IOM3

Years 10 & 11

The summer Olympics 2016 will be hosted in Rio – one of the most vibrant cities in the world hosting the most exciting of sporting event with a multitude of different cultural influences being brought together. This event will generate a host of new products and promotions, most of which will require new packaging. 

The Brief

Create a unique snack that evokes and brings together the cultures and the spirit, and the excitement of the event. You must appeal to all ages, all countries and all sexes. It should be packaging for a snack/food on the go, either

a) A snack that could be consumed at the event - and this could be a really different proposal based on a regional food. It is up to you to decide on a product and how it will be packaged,


b) A solution for a product brought from a supermarket and consumed in the comfort of the armchair, for viewing the games at home. Consider the style of food from the perspective of a British viewer.

What would make this a winning idea is something really different from, or an improvement to, what is on the shelves at the moment – both in respect of the packaging and the product.

Materials to use

The mock-up can be made from any materials, but explain what material is to be used, on your boards. 


IOM3 will award £250 to the school with the best overall entries.

The Packaging Society will also award £50 for the best supporting portfolio.


For general enquiries contact Rachel Brooks, email

Sponsor background

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