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2016 Schools Brief C: Multifunctional receptacle for collecting waste


Years 10, 11 and AS Level 

To meet EU recycling targets, the UK is increasing its targets for the recovery of waste packaging – and that packaging is a valuable resource that we’re throwing away!  More than 40% of all waste packaging is still sent to landfill and to avoid or reduce that, we need some innovative thinking. 

The Brief

Design an innovative and multifunctional receptacle for collecting this packaging waste, together with an ‘awareness’ logo or symbol. This receptacle can be placed at strategic locations where recycling facilities are not normally available. The design of the logo or symbol will be an integral part of this brief, raising awareness of the need to increase recycling rates.

The collection receptacle itself should be manufactured from recycled materials.

Points to consider:

  • Eye catching structural design and graphics – to encourage young people to recycle
  • Has to be placed in different locations (parks/streets/public places/schools)
  • Will it be weatherproof?
  • How would different packaging materials be separated in the receptacle?

Materials to use

Recycled materials. 


Entrants are encouraged to contact Nina Virdi at or 01773 841 848 to ask any questions. 


BPI will award £500 to the school which has provided the best entries.  The sponsor may award £100 of the £500 to an individual student should an outstanding entry be presented.  

The Packaging Society will award £50 for the best supporting portfolio.

Sponsor background

BPI – British Polythene Industries plc is the largest manufacturer and recycler of waste plastic film in Europe.  BPI supplies over 400,000 tonnes of film annually to the key agricultural, food production, retail and manufacturing sectors worldwide.