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2016 Schools Brief B: Flavoured Milk

Flavoured Milk - 'Stay strong and healthy'

Sponsored by Logoplaste                        

Years 10 and 11

Milk provides a balance of nutrients, builds strong bones; calcium contributes to muscle and blood health.  To encourage children to drink more of it, we would like you to design a pack that contains “flavoured milk drinks” for children. 

The Brief

The challenge is to create a small 250ml bottle, pouch or other suitable container that can be used for supplying flavoured milk products.

Points to consider

  1. While it has to be appealing to children, it is Mum who will buy it, if it has the right nutritional and health messaging
  2. Give thought to how you can get the healthy messages across - Just one 250ml milk serving will give you a significant amount of your needed daily intakes (17% protein, 38% calcium, 30% Vit B2, 48% Vit B12)
  3. It has to be ‘premium’, should be eye catching, with great shelf stand out against competitors
  4. It could be a combi- or multi-pack of different flavours
  5. An environmental credential could help sales – is it recyclable or reuseable?
  6. Thank about the product in use
    • How is the pack filled in production
    • How is the product dispensed or consumed
    • Could the container be resealable so it doesn’t have to be drunk in one session

Materials to use

The container would be plastic but any material / model is acceptable for the mock ups.


An all-expenses paid visit to a Logoplaste manufacturing site for up to 30 students

This exciting opportunity is for a tour of the Leeds Super Dairy ‘Hole in the Wall’ plant supplying milk bottles for Arla foods.  Students will get to walk through the entire manufacturing process from incoming raw materials, finishing with filled milk bottles

In addition, there will be

£100 for the winning individual and

£400 for the winning school

The Packaging Society will also award £50 for the best supporting portfolio


For guidance with the brief contact Chris Clarke, email

For general enquiries contact Rachel Brooks, email

Sponsor background

Logoplaste are leaders in plastic packaging, providing an overall service for packaging R&D, in-house production and quality systems, backed by technical support and advice.