Scholarships, grants and bursaries

Travel Grants from the Institute

Andrew Carnegie Research Fund & Metals and Metallurgy Trust

Small grants from the Andrew Carnegie Research Fund and the Metals and Metallurgy Trust are available to help members of the Institute with the expense involved in travelling long distances to conferences, normally outside their country of residence.

Please note you can only apply to one fund per calendar year, i.e. The Andrew Carnegie Research Fund (for work in the materials field) OR The Metals and Metallurgy Trust (for work in metals/metallurgy)

Members are expected to present a paper at the conference orally/written

Preference is given to those applicants presenting papers at conferences either organised by the Institute or with which the Institute’s name is associated.

Applications for 2020 Travel Grants are now being accepted:

Apply for 2020 travel grants (The Andrew Carnegie Research Fund or The Metals and Metallurgy Trust)

More information from Cleo Williams

See also: Armourers' & Brasiers' Company awards and grants

Mining and Minerals Scholarships and Bursaries

The Institute awards a number of scholarships and bursaries in the minerals and mining disciplines, as detailed below. Preference for these is given to Institute members, and for the Centenary Scholarship, Student Membership of the Institute is a requirement.

The Institute judges the applications received for each award in respect of academic excellence and scholarship. The application must therefore specify academic ability. Candidates merely seeking assistance for financial hardship will not be considered.

Applicants for these awards must ensure that the particular fund from which support is being sought is relevant to their field(s) of interest. Applications not in accordance with the specified terms and conditions of the various funds, those which are received after the closing date each year, and those for which the appropriate levels of support have not been received by that date, will not be accepted for consideration.

Applications for the following 2020 scholarships and bursaries are now closed applications will reopen in December 2020.

Bosworth Smith Trust Fund

Approximately £5,000 is available for grants from the Fund for the assistance of postgraduate research in metal mining, nonferrous extraction metallurgy or mineral dressing. Applications will be considered for grants towards working expenses, the cost of visits to mines and plants in connection with such research, and purchase of apparatus.

Centenary Scholarship

The annual Scholarship (value £500/annum), which is restricted to first or second year undergraduates in student membership of the Institute, will be awarded for projects, visits, etc in furtherance of the recipient's career development in the fields of minerals and mining.

Edgar Pam Fellowship

The Fellowship is awarded for postgraduate study in subjects within the fields of minerals and mining. Those eligible for the award are young graduates, domiciled in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK, who wish to undertake advanced study or research in the UK. The maximum value of the Fellowship, which is tenable for one year, is £2,000.

G Vernon Hobson Bequest

The Bequest was established for the 'advancement of teaching and practice of geology as applied to mining'. One or more awards may therefore be made for travel, research or other objects in accordance with these terms (up to a value of £1,300).

Mining Club Award

The Award is offered to British subjects who are actively engaged (in full- or part-time postgraduate study or in employment) in the minerals industry, as defined by the Institute, for travel purposes - for example, to study mineral industry operations in the UK or overseas, to present a paper at an international minerals industry conference or to assist the applicant in attending a full-time course of study related to the minerals industry outside the UK - or for any other similar purpose that may be regarded as being within the spirit of the Award (value of up to £1,500).

Stanley Elmore Fellowship Fund

Stanley Elmore Fellowships are tenable at a UK university for research into all branches of extractive metallurgy and mineral processing and, in special cases, for expenditure related to such research (normally two scholarships of up to £14,000 may be funded for any one year).

The Tom Seaman Travelling Scholarship

The Scholarship is awarded annually to a member, who is training or has been trained for a career in mining and/or related technologies. The scholarship shall be to assist the study for an aspect of engineering in the minerals industry, with the intention of advancing the associated standards or techniques. Nomination is via an application and possible subsequent interview (value of up to £5,500).

Download application form (MS Word 26k) (applies to all of the above Mining and Minerals Scholarships and Bursaries)

Please clearly mark the application form with the Award(s) for which you are applying.

Application forms may be returned by email to Cleo Williams or in hard copy to:
Miss Cleo Williams, 297 Euston Road, London, NW1 3AD
Tel: +44(0)2074517365

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all documentation is complete and returned by the deadline.

Grants and bursaries from other bodies

Ceramic Bursary Awards

The Pottery Mechanics Institute (PMI) Trust has created three annual bursary awards for students of ceramics. An undergraduate, postgraduate and industrial award are available, each worth in the region of £2,000 in travel bursaries. The undergraduate award is open to all students studying ceramics wholly or as part of a course in materials science and technology.

The postgraduate award is open to all those working in ceramic science or technology.

The industrial award is open to anyone employed in the ceramic manufacturing industry.

For further information please contact Cleo Williams.

EPSRC Research Grants

Information about EPSRC research grants can be accessed online through the EPSRC web site. You can view information about recently announced grants, grants in progress and completed projects by person, topic or institution. You can also monitor the progress of your own grant application within the EPSRC consideration process.

EPSRC website

Panasonic Trust

"The objective of the Panasonic Trust is to encourage and support the professional development and retraining of engineers in the UK. It achieves this objective by providing funding for individuals to study courses which are designed to develop or update their knowledge and skills in new or emerging technologies and the various fields of engineering, manufacturing, materials science, environmental technology and IT."

Panasonic Trust website

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowships

The Fellowships offer UK citizens of all ages and from all walks of life the chance to undertake study projects overseas related to their trade, craft or profession. One hundred awards are given annually in a variety of categories, which include Science & Technology, Conservation and the Environment (including Sustainable Development) and Europe, a wide-ranging category aimed at encouraging projects within mainland Europe.

For further information, either visit the Trust's website or contact:

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, 15 Queen's Gate Terrace, London SW7 5PR
Tel: 020 7584 9315, Fax: 020 7581 0410, Email:

Toshiba Research Fellowship

Toshiba, in association with the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council), offers outstanding European scientists the opportunity to join one of its high-technology research teams in Japan for up to two years. During the Fellowship, Fellows will have the opportunity to work with Japanese researchers in Toshiba's research laboratories (where the working language is English). They are also encouraged to gain maximum benefit from opportunities to become familiar with Japanese industry and culture. For full details and a list of research subjects see

Robert Blair Fellowship in Applied Science and Technology

The Robert Blair Fellowship provides a bursary for those undertaking advanced study or research overseas, candidates must be British citizens.

Further information and application forms for the current Fellowship are available on the City of London website or in hard copy from:

Head of Adult & Community Learning (Robert Blair Fellowship), City of London, PO Box 270 London, EC2P 2EJ
Tel: +44 (0)20 7332 3946

British Science Association Media Fellowships

See the media from the inside. During a 4-8 week summer placement with a print, broadcast or online news media organisation, the British Science Association Media Fellowships offer professional scientists and engineers first-hand experience of how the media works.

Further details are available from the BSA website.

Royal Academy of Engineering grants  and awards

The RAEng provides a number of awards and fellowships for professional development. Full details can be found on the RAEng website.

Royal Society Grants

A range of grants and fellowships is available from the Royal Society

Royal Society website

National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation promotes and advances scientific progress in the United States by competitively awarding grants for research and education in the sciences, mathematics and engineering. To get the latest information about programme deadlines, to download copies of NSF publications, and to access abstracts of awards, visit the NSF website.

Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS) Awards

Nominations for FEMS awards should be submitted according to the guidelines set out on the FEMS website.

Documents for download: