Nominations for the Institute's 2021 awards, medals and prizes are now invited on our new website -

A description of each IOM3 award with its criteria can be found at the link above.

Except where specified, nominees may be members or non-members of the Institute and nationals of any country.
Self nominations are not acceptable with the exception of the Silver Medal and Frank Fitzgerald Travel Award.
Certain Awards are not made posthumously or to long retired individuals.
Where the proposer and nominee are from the same organisation, the nomination must also be supported by an independent endorser.
Proposers should note that several of the awards are not restricted to a particular material or technology.

Nominations for the 2020 IOM3 Awards are now closed

Nominations require the following supporting information:


A citation of up to 400 words stating reason for nomination and how the nominee fulfils the criteria of the award.
A biography of the nominee giving comprehensive information about the candidate’s career from graduation through his/ her career.
A list of publications should also be given where relevant.
The Awarding Body is strongly influenced by the content of the proposal and this is frequently the only information on which it can base its decision.


A citation of up to 400 words stating why the paper merits the award.
Publication details and a copy of the paper.
The names and contact details of all the authors.

Before making a nomination:
Please ensure that you have read the full requirements for each award and that you have gathered all the information needed to support the nomination.
Nominations without complete supporting information will not be considered.

To submit your nominations:
You can submit your nominations by completing the online form and uploading the supporting information. Full details are given on the IOM3 online nominations system.

The online system allows you to make a nomination and amend/complete or add to your nominations at any time up to the closing date.

For further information about any IOM3 awards and prizes, please email or use our online enquiry form