Q: I need some help in specifying a weldable material with good to excellent impact properties at cryogenic temperatures.
This is an area that requires great care and more information to give a fully informed and useful answer.
Carbon and alloy steels will undergo a “ductile to brittle transformation” at low temperatures, some do this at about 0ºC, others at lower temperatures.
For really cryogenic operation either stainless steels or aluminium alloys may offer a better option.

Q: We are thinking of using Zeron 100 for an off-shore application. What are its properties? How does it compare with a conventional duplex stainless steel for this type of application?
The chemical analysis is available, The mechanical properties are available, and possible suppliers are available:
The strength, ductility and toughness of Zeron 100 have all been significantly improved.

Q: What are the properties of En58M? What is the modern alternative?
The chemical analysis is available, the mechanical properties are available.
BSEN10088 replaces the old British Standard. Grade - comparison available.

Q: Tool steel “D Series” is used for wear resistanc, but it is very expensive. Can you suggest a cheaper alternative?
Plain carbon steel with a wear resistant coating. Further information and a list of sub contractors who can carry out this operation is available if required.

Q: What is F55?

This is an American forging grade.
• The chemical and mechanical requirements are available
• Comparable materials are available
• Possible suppliers are available

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