Membership grades

The Institute recognises a practitioner's experience, knowledge and understanding by the award of its designatory letters MIMMM, AIMMM and TIMMM. It also recognises a practitioner's professional competence through Competent Professional Registration with the Engineering and Science Councils, and the Society for the Environment. The Institute works actively for its membership and related communities worldwide through the services and facilities that it offers. All members are encouraged to participate in the Institute's schemes for education, training and professional development.

In all membership application procedures, IOM3 accords equal opportunities to all applicants regardless of their age, gender, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or physical ability.

The Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining offers the following grades of membership.
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A prestigious grade for those with an established and enhanced reputation and can demonstrate the contribution they have made to the communities served by the Institute.
Requires the minimum of a Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification, in a relevant science, technology or engineering discipline, and 4 years relevant work experience. 
Requires the minimum of a Level 5 qualification such as a HND or equivalent qualification, in a relevant science, technology or engineering discipline, and 3 years relevant work experience.
For graduates with a degree in an IOM3 related discipline who have 2 years relevant work experience.
For graduates with a degree in an IOM3 related discipline, who do not fulfill the requirements for ProfGradIMMM.
Requires the minimum of a Level 2 qualification and 2 years relevant work experience.
Intended for those working in an industry or field relating to one or other of the technical areas represented by the Institute.
Open to students following an approved full or part-time course of study at FE college or university leading to admission to one of the above grades. This grade is also open to postgraduates engaged in research at university.
For persons engaged or interested in any of the technical disciplines covered by the Institute and who do not conform to any of the above grades. You can join the Institute immediately at this grade.

What do the grades signify?

  • The grades of Fellow, Professional Member, Associate Member and Technician carry equal privileges, including the right to vote at General Meetings, and to serve on and elect members to Council, the governing body of the Institute.


  • Fellows and Professional Members with a Masters' degree/Level 7 qualification may apply for registration as Chartered Engineers (CEng) with the Engineering Council, Chartered Scientist (CSci) with the Science Council and Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) with the Society for the Environment.


  • Associate Members (AIMMM) may apply for Regsitered Scientist (RSci) registration; those with a Bachelor's degree/Level 6 qualification may apply for registration as an Incorporated Engineer (IEng).


  • Technicians (TIMMM) with a Level 3 qualification can apply for Engineering Technician (EngTech) and Registered Science Technician (RSciTech).


  • Eligibility for registration is assessed by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining on behalf of the Engineering Council, Science Council and the Society for the Environment, and is available only to persons who have produced evidence of relevant qualifications, training and engineering or scientific or environmental experience.

IOM3 Code of Conduct

Members are expected to apply their respective codes of professional conduct, to undertake work within their expertise and to exercise a responsible attitude to society with a regard to the ethical, economic and environmental impact of technical change and need. In addition, members of IOM3 adhere to the Institute’s own code of conduct.

For general enquiries about membership, or further advice and information, please use our online enquiry form or phone +44 (0)1476 515761.

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