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  • Solar panels.

    ABMEC calls for STEM subjects to revive economy – raises value of mining

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    AMBEC has issued a statement calling for Britain to be more self-sufficient and responsive to outside market forces through STEM. Christine Blackmore BSc MSc CEnv CSci FIMMM IOM3 Vice President and IOM3 Mining Technology Division Chair responds.
  • Business investment in mining sector fell significantly in Q2

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    The Covid-19 pandemic is being blamed for dragging business investment down.
  • The results presented in a global context showing lithium levels relative to TDS for various types of lithium rich waters and brines, such as salar brines from the Atacama Desert, oilfield brines and other geothermal waters. Credit: Cornish Lithium

    Cornish Lithium grades - compelling resource

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    UK mineral exploration company Cornish Lithium states it has found globally significant lithium grades in preliminary sampling of geothermal waters.
  • EU project eyes Europe’s mining industry

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    The European Commission has granted EUR 8.4 million to a three-year H2020 project developing an artificial intelligence platform for the monitoring and analysis of mine sites across Europe.
  • IOM3 publishes 2019 Annual Report

    The Institute has published its Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2019. The report highlights the Institute's 150th anniversary celebrations, covering all departments, local societies and technical communities. The report also features IOM3 award winners and events.
  • Carrying out repairs in the Great Hall at Thoresby Hall. Credit: Coal Authority

    Coal Authority repairs hotel

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    Minor subsidence damage at Thoresby Hall, Nottinghamshire, UK, has been repaired inside and out, by the Coal Authority.
  • Support for members

    The Institute is aware that the foreseeable future will be difficult for a number of its members and is here to help those who find themselves in this unfortunate situation. The Institute has a career break rate for its membership fees of £41, while individuals who have been in continuous membership for two years or more may seek support from the Members' Benevolent Trust to pay their membership fees. This is a benefit of your membership, which over the years you have contributed too through your paid membership fees.
  • A previous landslide at Hpakant jade mine. Credit: Myanmar Ministry of Information

    Myanmar jade mine landslide kills 160

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    Latest reports indicate over 160 people have been killed after a landslide at a jade mine in Myanmar.
  • The impact of COVID-19 on materials, minerals and mining communities

    The escalation of COVID-19 during 2020 has posed great challenges for individuals as well as organisations and has also led, in some cases, to new opportunities to rethink the way of working. This report considers the impact of the pandemic on several industries and examines what may lie ahead.
  • IOM3 digital transformation and rebranding update

    The first phase of the IOM3 digital transformation project was launched at the end of January, consisting of a fully functioning membership management system and new Member Portal that allows members to update their details, select their technical and communications preferences, pay subscription fees, download invoices for past payments and access all our online Member Benefits, as well as providing online joining for new members