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IMMa annual reports


1. Board membership

IMMa Chair was taken up by M C Cox at the meeting held 27 January 2011 taking over from M Forrest (Continues as Applied earth Sciences Chair).

IMMa/MP&EM representation on the Sustainable Development Group moved from Miguel Diaz to Steve Barnett.

Board membership continues with representatives of each of the technical divisions:

Applied Earth Sciences – M Forrest (Noted Above)

Mineral Processing & Extractive Metallurgy – Anthony Francis.

Mining Technology – Patrick Foster

Petroleum & Drilling – Steve Bedford


2. Board meetings

3 IMMa Board Meetings were held in 2011 as follows:

27th January 2011 at 1 Carlton House Terrace – 12 Members present.

26th May 2011 at 1 Carlton House Terrace – 13 Members present.

29th September 2011 at 1 Carlton House Terrace  - 11 members present.


3. Opportunities for growth of Division Community or constraints

Of the 4 resource divisions associated by IMMa, the growth in recent years has been dominated by P&DE with this division achieving its 1000th member during the year.

Due to the growth expected in the coming years in all the industries represented by the resource based divisions, opportunities to increase membership of all technical divisions will appear.

It is important for the resource divisions to be visible, actively engaged and networking within the ‘market place’ for new members, but also to encourage and support collaboration and networking opportunities for other divisions.

Support of Membership, its activities and the maintenance of an efficient Membership department to respond to enquiries, process candidates and maintain their professional records is important to the resource divisions. 

The Chartership and professional licencing of members is an important 

aspect, as is the experience held within the organisation of natural resource extraction and processing.


4    Technical programme

(Highlights only – detail in Appendix A)   

a) At the meeting held 29th September 2011, IMMa received a guest presentation from former IMM President Mr. John Groom on ‘EU, Transparency Regulations, and Responsible Mining.

An overview of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), UN & OECD anti-bribery conventions and the UK Bribery Act, and the Dodd-Frank Act and the EU draft regulation (potential).

Further review of ‘Fair Shares for Mining Rents’, with a brief review of World Bank Model Mine Development Arrangements (MMDA), Natural Resources Charter, and the World Economic Forum’s responsible Mine Development Initiative.

A brief discussion was held at initiatives such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002) ‘Corporate Auditing Accountability and Responsibility Act’ on how these acts and proposed European equivalent together with the UK Bribery Act were forming mechanisms which at present were loose, not connected or joined up, but were all potentially enabling legislation to move the extractive industries towards the intentions of the ‘Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)’.


Organised with IOM3 and IMMA:

b) The CRIRSCO (Committee for Minerals Reserves International Reporting Standards) & PERC (Pan European Reporting Code for Reporting Exploration results were held at the end of October and beginning of November in London with meetings held at 1CHT, Simmons & Simmons, the Geological Society followed up with a one day visit to Ecton Mine.

(i) CRIRSCO meeting 31 Oct - 4 Nov 2011

IMMa and Minsouth sponsored the annual CRIRSCO meeting for 2011, starting with an afternoon seminar at 1CHT on Monday 31 Oct. Following this seminar, there was a formal signing ceremony to welcome Russia into CRIRSCO. The Russian professional organisation OERN has developed the NAEN Reporting Code, which is now a fully accredited CRIRSCO-compatible code. This marks the end of a transitional period in which Russia was represented within PERC, but the two reporting committees will continue to work closely together.

On 1-2 November the CRIRSCO committee meeting took place, with an open session in the morning of 1 November. A memorandum of intent was signed with a delegation from Mongolia, for development of a Mongolian national minerals reporting code compliant with the CRIRSCO Template.

On 3 November, a full day workshop was held, hosted by Simmons & Simmons. This concentrated on regulation and globalisation issues. In the evening, preliminary discussions were held with a delegation from the Turkish Ministry of Natural Resources, for possible development of a Turkish national minerals reporting code. 

On 4 November, CRIRSCO members travelled to Ecton Mine for a one-day visit to see the work done by the Ecton Mine Educational Trust.

(ii) PERC meeting 8 Dec 2011

Furher steps were taken towards restructuring of PERC on a more formal basis. This will include direct nomination of PERC representative members by the four parent organisations, and establishment of PERC as a permanent legal entity (a not-for-profit non-governmental organisation) with a bank account and sharing an office address in Brussels with the European Federation of Geologists. PERC meetings will be held less frequently and will be hosted by the four parent organisations on a rotating basis. PERC is currently in a state of 'suspended animation' with just three 'acting' officers to see it through to the new setup: acting chair Steve Henley, acting secretary Paul Gribble, and acting treasurer Ruth Allington. PERC has agreed initial seed funding from the parent organisations, but will be seeking corporate sponsorship funding for on-going expenses. It will also have a new emphasis on training, and will seek full CPD accreditation of its training course. 

There is also a new version of the PERC reporting code which will be released imminently as a consultation draft. One of the first actions of the newly reconstituted PERC will be to complete this consultation process and publish the new reporting standard.

The current (2008) version has nothing specific about hydrocarbons other than coal.  The new draft 2012 update will contain a section on tar sands and oil shales, but currently there is no proposal to include anything on coal-bed methane or shale gas. Although there is no agreement about who defines reporting standards for ‘unconventional’ energy resources (whether CRIRSCO codes like PERC, or the oil industry PRMS code from SPE), this question was discussed at the recent CRIRSCO meeting and came to the conclusion that we should concentrate on solid minerals – though this would cover solid minerals extracted by solution mining (salt, for example, or some uranium deposits), not just conventional mining methods. This could be extended to include shale gas and coal-bed methane where the quantities are defined largely by the volume of solid rock containing the produced gas. 

This is in contrast to the PRMS code which relates specifically to fluid resources which are defined by reservoirs and flow rates. There are some minerals which would fall between the cracks and are not easily accommodated by either reporting system – for example lithium brines – but on reflection it is thought that PERC could well be extended to include coal-bed methane and shale gas. 

The PERC 2012 consultation draft includes the new section on tar sands and oil shales. 


c) Events planned for next 12 months

Requests received for IOM3 Sponsorship – IMMa or Division for 2012

i. IBC Asia 10th Annual Coal Markets and Open Cut Mine Planning conferences in Singapore next 22 – 23 February 2012 International Mining & Minerals Association (IMMA) Association Partner for these events.

ii. 3rd International Shaft Design & Construction Conference

24-26th April 2012 at 1CHT


iii. MPEM – IMPC2012 Conference  


iv. High Performance Elastomers and Polymers for Oil & Gas Applications

17-18th April 2012

Copthorne Hotel, Aberdeen, UK. P&DE & IMMa sponsorship in place.


v. Nuclear Geology IMEchE – Manchester. Autum 2012. 


vi. Geothechnical Instrumentation & Monitoring Conference 

16th & 17th March 2012. Earls Court, London.


vii. Global Sustainable Mining Summit 

24-25th April 2012. FlemingGulf.  London.


viii. Minex Central Asia Forum – Mining in Central Asia, 

Astana, Kazakhstan April 2012.


5 Foresight / Innovation and Growth

An article was prepared for Global Business review magazine outlining the work of IMMa and its role within the broader IOM3, work with technical divisions and how it can support the resource extractive industry, how it does this now and plans to do this in the future. This was prepared as a template for further promotion in the business community in an attempt to raise the profile of IMMa, hat it offers and the broader work of the Institute.

During the year requests were received for press releases. 

One was followed through to issuing via IOM3 Press/Comms on the subject of an enquiry of the Institute’s approach to the UK Bribery Act and how this would affect mining activity and money flows in the mining activity host countries.  A second was prepared on the issue of shale gas fracc’ing activity near Blackpool, but was not released.

More thought on the preparation of press releases and the format they should take needs to be made. The P&DE Division are keen to progress to making preparations for televised statements to be released in response to issues that effect this division and its membership.

Efficient fielding, collaboration, preparation and release of press statements would increase the Institute’s profile and gain recognition for a sound and unbiased technical source of opinion for the media.

The wish to move to preparing for full TV statements to be made by a member needs careful thought and planning. Those that wish to take this step would need training and support to ensure protection and support so that accurate and coherent information is able to be represented in a straight forward manner and statements made need to be robust and stand up to media scrutiny.

It should be noted that the use of television is perhaps the fastest way of raising the Institute profile.


6 Professional membership developments

ONEMINE the search engine for mining related abstract and full paper data would be a positive development for IMMa associated members and has the potential to further attract membership to the resource divisions represented by IMMa.


7 Institute Federalism

IMMa works with the resource divisions facilitating and assisting where potential useful gain can be identified and it can be said to work in a federal approach within the divisions and the broader Institute.


8 National and international linkages with other Societies /Institutes

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) was contacted in London regarding accreditation issues (the P&DE in Aberdeen attends meetings and joint meetings with other Institutes in Aberdeen (Institute of Energy, Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Scottish Rubber and Plastics Association, Scottish Engineering Association), so exploratory contact was made with SPE UK Headquarters in London 

There has been no reciprocal contact to date, but this would be a lead worth following at up some point from Senior Institute level, possibly with support from P&DE – in a co-ordinated and structured approach to being able to offer some form of link up for UK based accreditation of SPE members.

The Royal Academy debate held at the Royal College of Surgeons 1st November 2011 on the concern of access to strategic minerals. IMMa attendance in support of IOM3 President (Mr. Jan Lewis) and Professor. Jan Cilliers  (MP&EM) who both appeared on the panel).


9 Government interfaces

IMMa has been represented at two events:

- Parliamentary Scientific Committee on Rare Earth Materials held in the 

House of Commons. 17th May 2011.

- House of Lords Reception on behalf of the Materials KTN & Materials

UK. 7th June 2011.


10 Publications

Website improvements have been made to the IMMa site and it is kept up to date with updates on events and articles published in Materials World.

Several articles created by IMMa were included throughout the year on a wide variety of raw materials mined, requirement for rare earth materials and on the role of professional accreditation which appeared in the September issue of MW to coincide with IOM3 first appearance at Offshore Europe (OE2011) in Aberdeen.


11 Awards/prizes

As IMMa is not in its self a technical division, it does not attract specific awards itself.


12 Other matters 

The P&DE division has undertaken a membership survey. It has been carried out or to understand more closely the needs of its members and also to identify those who are willing to contribute to the division, making possible the future expansion of services available to its membership.