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The Institute

What is the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining?

How is the Institute structured and governed?

Please show me a list of your technical divisions, societies and other communities.

Where can I read your Code of Conduct?

Where can I read your latest annual report?



Where are the Institute's offices located?

How do I contact IOM3 departments?

How do I contact individual IOM3 staff?



What are the benefits of membership?

How do I become a member?

How much does it cost to become a member?

How can my company join the Institute?

How can my school join the Institute?

I am a member in need - how do I apply to The Member's Benevolent Trust?

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Our activities

What's happening in my region?

What conferences is the Institute organising?

I am 35 or younger. What does the Institute offer me?

I do not live/work in the UK. Where are the Institute's overseas branches and what events are happening overseas?


Our services

Can the Institute answer my technical enquiry about materials?

What magazines, journals and other publications do you publish?

Can you help me find a job?

Can you refer me to a materials consultant or company?

Can I hire one of your rooms for my event?

How do I apply for one of your training courses?

How do I advertise my company in your magazines or website?

Can you help me research a minerals- or mining-related subject?

Do you accredit materials-related university courses?

What medals and prizes do you award?

Do you publish information on specific materials and their applications?

How do I apply for a professional/travel grant, scholarship or bursary?

What competitions do you run?


Using this website

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Using this website

I am a member of IOM3. How do I log in? 
Currently member services including online benefits and profile updating is suspended while we launch your new member portal, due 28 January 2020. You can still log into this website to manage email alerts and your content.

How do I get a password reminder to log in? 
Go to the password request page and provide your email address or username. If this does not work then it may be that we don't have your current email address. In this case please contact and ask them to check the email address on our records.

I am having problems logging in.

I am a member. How do I pay my subscriptions online?
This facility will be available from the new member portal, due for launch on 28 January 2020. Payments may not be made in the meantime.

I am not yet a member. How do I become one?

I don't wish to become a member at this time. Can I simply register on this site for the time being?
Yes, you can set up a free account to access basic services on this website including content alerts (email notifications).

How do I find a list of the Institute's technical divisions, groups, societies and other communities?

How do I set up content alerts (email notifications)?

How do I add and manage my web content?
Please contact our Digital Media Manager Richard Cooper for further details.


Social media

Please see our social media page for details of our Twitter and other accounts.