Schools and Colleges (5 to 19 education)

The Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining is committed to supporting, enthusing and inspiring the next generation of scientists, technologists and engineers.  Our activities are designed to give teachers, parents and learners access to resources which can be used to bring materials, minerals and mining engineering to life.  In particular, our resources are related to the school and college science, design and technology and engineering curricula and can be used enhance and enrich teaching from age 5 upwards.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please get in touch by contacting Dr Diane Aston, Education Manager.


Schools Affiliate Scheme

Our Schools Affiliate Scheme has been successfully supporting the teaching of materials in schools since 1999.  It aims to provide educators with resources that can be used to support teaching and promote careers in the fields of materials, minerals and mining engineering.  These include newsletters, magazines and journals, school visits, access to samples and links to other organisations.  Membership of the Scheme is open to trainee and practicing teachers in primary and secondary schools, sixth form and FE colleges.

Can You Make It?

Can You Make It? is a hands-on, school based challenge designed to raise awareness of STEM careers and support the teaching of the materials topics in the Key Stage 2 Science curriculum for 7 to 11 year olds.  The kit in includes a range of activities supported by worksheets and a complete handling collection of interesting materials allowing teachers to bring the topic to life.  It also includes a number of other suggested activities that can be done with the kit across the whole of Key Stage 1 and 2.  This project was made possible with funding from the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths through Tomorrows Engineers.

Autumn Open Day programme

The Autumn Open Day programme ran from 2002 to 2014 with the aim of supporting the materials topics in post-16 STEM courses by giving teachers the opportunity to take groups of sixth form students along to a world class research facility to do activities using equipment not commonly available in schools.  The events typically took place during the Autumn term and werefree to attend.  Most university departments now offer visits to groups of schools students, accompanied by a teacher, throughout the year.

Polymer Study Tours

The Polymer Study Tours are free, four day residential courses for secondary level teachers of science and design technology that have been put together to improve subject knowledge and highlight career options within the field of polymer science and engineering.  The Tours run at three venues across the UK, namely Edinburgh, London and Manchester towards the end of the summer term.  The Tours are co-ordinated by a group of organisations, headed by the Worshipful Company of Horners, and IOM3 looks after promotion to teachers and delegate registrations.

Armourers and Brasiers Tata Sixth Form Materials Prize

This competition has been put together to encourage sixth form students studying at least one STEM subject at A-level to develop a sustained interest in STEM careers and commit to finding out more about materials science and engineering.  The competition requires students to commit to spending at least 18 hours working on the project throughout year 12 as they work through two compulsory and two option modules.  The modules can be led by a teacher or completed by individual students working alone and the winning student will receive a prize of £1500 and £1000 for their school.  For more information please get in touch.

Magic of Materials Summer School

The Magic of Materials Summer School is being organised and run in partnership with St Pauls School in London.  In early July 35 pupils at the end of year 10 will have the opportunity to discover cutting edge materials science on this free three day residential course.  Accommodation in the school's boarding house and all meals and refreshments are provided and the course will feature lab classes and interactive lectures on a range of different materials.  For information or to register please contact Dr Diane Aston.

List of willing speakers

In addition to providing visits to deliver curriculum related presentations and activities to school groups from year 3 upwards the Institute has a network of members based in industry and academia who are registered as STEM Ambassadors and willing to visit schools to give talks, support STEM clubs or attend careers events.  If you would like to find out about how our network of experts could support your school please get in touch.  If you are an individual looking for guidance on how you can support a school in your area please contact us.