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Student Design Competition - next generation protective police helmets

30 Nov 2010
London, Greater London
To coincide with their conference on Advances in Helmet Technology (London, 10 February 2011), the IOM3 Defence, Safety and Security Committee, along with the Materials KTN have organised a fantastic student competition.  This unique competition is to work towards new designs for next generation protective police helmets.
The competition is now open.  Designs will need to be submitted online by 30 November 2010. Judging will be carried out in December 2010 and a showcase of all the entries will take place on 11 February 2011.  This poster session at Advances in Helmet Technology will be followed by the announcement of the winners and prize giving.
How to Enter
Students must complete the online entry form and upload their designs.  Following the online submission, posters should be prepared for the conference and submitted by post.  The online submission link will be available shortly.
Online entries must be made by 30 November 2010.  Final posters should be sent by post before the 15 December 2010 to:
Sumeet Bellara
Competition Coordinator
1 Carlton House Terrace
Poster submissions offered without online entry will be refused.  
Competition Brief
Design competition whereby students will be challenged to design the next generation of police helmets.
Competition Schedule

Competition Opens 07 October 2010 
Competition Deadline 30 November 2010
Judging 9 December 2010
Poster event, Prize giving, Conference 10 February 2011
There will be a cash prize and the possibility of a short placement within a company working to develop protective clothing.
Designs will be judged on the following criteria
Materials Selection
• Functionality
• Area of coverage
• Level of protection (‘bump’ or impact, noxious dangerous substances and effects including accelerants and fire)
• Utility
Overall dimensions (height, width, depth)
Comfort (particularly temperature/humidity in the head space)
Mobility (ie how easy it is to turn/tilt your head)
Field of view
Adjustability (height, head diameter, retention system)
Stability (two versus three point retention system) 
Provision of eye protection
On the date of entry, the entrant must be a bona fide part time or full time student at a college or university in the UK or overseas.
 Uploaded images must not show the entrant’s name or college. Final boards can be personalised as you wish.
The entrant’s work should be described in a portfolio consisting of 2 posters no larger than A3.  All written work should be in English and spell and grammar checked.
IOM3 and the sponsors of the Competition have unlimited rights to use all work submitted to promote the Competition and sponsors’ involvement in them. The sponsor owns the right to develop the solution with the entrant.
Entrants should make their own arrangements to ensure that their intellectual property rights are fully protected and if uncertain about how this might be done are advised to contact their own university or college.
Deadline for entries is 30 November 2010
The IOM3 Defence, Safety and Security Committee focuses on all technical, educational and professional issues relating to Defence, Safety and Security Materials.  Their activities cover all aspects relating to production, design, fitness-for-purpose, applications, cost, and sensitivity in respect of national/personal security and safety.
Materials KTN
The Materials KTN is funded by Government through the Technology Strategy Board, forging a link between designers and other sectors of the KTN concerned with metals, plastics, textiles and the full range of modern materials.
Entrants should note that the Competition is purely an exercise in design.  The Competition is not organised by or on behalf of the Home Office.  Any involvement by the Home Office for this event is purely to support student development and encourage students to consider design and protection.
Further information is available from Sumeet Bellara, Competition Coordinator.
Address for poster submission
Sumeet Bellara
1Carlton House Terrace

Venue and booking

Event Location: 
1 Carlton House Terrace
Greater London
United Kingdom
Contact details: 

Sumeet Bellara
020 7451 7315

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