About IOM3

The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) is a major UK science and engineering institution whose activities promote and develop all aspects of the Materials Cycle, from exploration and extraction, to characterisation, processing and application, to product recycling, repurposing and reuse. IOM3 supports professionals in materials, minerals, mining and associated technical disciplines to become heroes of the transition to a low-carbon, resource efficient society, not villains. We seek to be the best professional membership body we can be by providing modern, flexible services, quality technical content and value for money.


IOM3 has a membership of over 15,000, and represents a combination of engineering, scientific, technical and human resources which link industry, government, education, research and the academic world. Individual members of the Institute come from a variety of backgrounds, from students and apprentices to company Chief Executives. Members qualify for different grades of membership, ranging from Affiliate to Fellow (FIMMM), depending on their academic qualifications, professional experience and achievements. The professional development programme run by the Institute contributes to its members' career enhancement and progression through the grades of membership and Competent Person Registration, such as Chartered Engineer (CEng) and Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv).

Member benefits

Members benefit from reduced rates for the Institute's many peer-reviewed journals, conferences, seminars and workshops, and from access to the Institute's Information Services. These include extensive library resources as well as a team of materials experts who provide consultancy services to Institute members, and to companies who have joined the Institute's Industry Affiliate Scheme. See membership benefits

Educational and outreach

The Institute is committed to supporting the teaching of the materials, minerals and mining topics in the 5–19 curriculum and to promoting careers in our fields through the provision of resources and courses to improve teachers' subject knowledge and events and activities to engage learners of all ages. Our diverse portfolio of initiatives enables us to work with schools across the UK and beyond and with the help of our key stakeholders we strive to provide a greater number of impactful interventions to inspire, inform and influence the next generation of STEM professionals. 

Events and publications

The Institute's trading subsidiary, IOM Communications Ltd, is responsible for producing the Institute's member magazines, Materials World and Clay Technology and for organising conferences, training courses and the Starpack packaging awards.

Information and Specialist Support services

The Institute through the Information and Specialist Support Services provides technical advice to Institute members and the public on the selection and use/reuse of materials and manufacturing processes. Information Services includes a large physical archive at Grantham as well as a technical enquiry helpdesk and library services for the materials, minerals and mining sectors. Specialist Support also helps the network of technical communities, the Institute has to collaborate and work together. Companies can gain access to the Institute’s networks, content and other information resources by joining the Industry Affilate Scheme. 


The Institute currently accredits a large number of programmes at more than 25 Universities across the UK and abroad along with a number of company-based professional development schemes helping those working towards registration.

Corporate Strategy 

There are four strands of work that IOM3 will undertake over the next three years to work towards delivering on the 2020–2022 Corporate Strategy (PDF 600k). These include focus on the following areas including membership, content, professional development and influence.

Social Media

IOM3 is active across social media with a Twitter account as well as a Facebook and a LinkedIn company page. We are also developing a presence on Instagram. A full list of accounts for our various staff, departments and activities, as well as those of several of our technical communities and local society groups, can be found here.

The Institute is a body incorporated by Royal Charter, a charity registered in England and Wales (269275) and in Scotland (SC050586). Patron: HM The Queen.