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Welcome to the Younger Members’ Website

The Younger Members’ Committee (YMC) was formed in 1967 and exists broadly to represent the views, needs and wants of members under the age of 35. It is one of the longest-running committees within the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining’s history and one of the most active. Our terms of reference.

The committee has worked tirelessly to bring events to members and address issues that are important to younger members as a group. This has resulted in soft skills seminars and a specific younger members’ conference.

The senior staff of the YMC are also proud of the Institute’s position within the Young Engineers Forum (YEF), a group of around 35 science, engineering and technology institutions in which the Institute is taking a lead role.

On average the YMC meets four or five times a year, depending on the issues that need its attention. The committee consists of members who represent the regions, disciplines and membership grades of the Institute and local societies, with a good mix of academics and industrialists. It should also be noted that 50% of the committee are of female members, which is unique for an Institute committee.

The YMC also feels that it is important for younger members to have a say at all levels within the Institute and, as a result, it now has representation on the majority of committees and divisions of the Institute, including Council, Professional Policy Board, Education Committee, Materials Strategy Commission and Steel Division, to name but a few.

Anyone wishing to take a more active role in the Institute in terms of the Younger Members’ Committee should contact the chairman via e-mail at ymc@iom3.org.