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Past Issues


March/April 2008

This month we take a look at cosmetics packaging. Related articles focus on sustainable materials for beauty products and novel plastics for cosmetic packaging. In other stories we examine the challenges facing the wood packaging industry and the introduction of tougher penalties for employing illegal workers.
   In our news section, The Packaging Professional reports on retail ready packaging for Tesco’s wine range, and research on reducing coating migration in metal food cans.


January/February 2008

Welcome to the first issue of The Packaging Professional for 2008, which focuses on drinks packaging. Our feature stories include the benefits of laser technology in coding and marking application and the latest developments in branding and packaging of beverages. The news section examines the proposed tax on ‘throw-away single use’ shopping bags, a new standard for packaging and packaging materials, and the introduction of a smaller bar code.


November/December 2007

Welcome to the Christmas issue of The Packaging Professional, which focuses on packaging materials. Our feature stories include the introduction of US style display packaging in Europe, the importance of sensory branding, and lenticular printing. The news section examines a carbon-based tax on packaging, the potential of non-stick packs, and embedded radio frequency identification technology. We also take a look at the launch of the Starpack Summit.


September/October 2007

Welcome to the autumn issue of The Packaging Professional, which focuses on packaging and the consumer. Our feature stories focus on the influence of customers on pack development, the growing need to redesign for an ageing population, and packaging that is inspired by nature. The news section investigates non-toxic coloured materials created using nanotechnology, and a bioactive paper that can detect and destroy bacteria. The Packaging Professional team also speaks to John Bigley, Chairman of the British Aerosol Manufacturer’s Association, about the future outlook for aerosols.


July/August 2007

Sustainability is the theme of this issue of The Packaging Professional. Our feature stories investigate new approaches to packaging reduction and recycling, while still maintaining a long shelf life for products. The news section reports on advances in security tracking and insulation films. And we also provide an in-depth look at the winners of the 2007 Student and Schools Starpack Awards.


May/June 2007

Welcome to the spring issue of The Packaging Professional, which focuses on printing and design. Our feature stories take a look at printing solutions, smarter and safer food packaging, as well as the state of the consumer market. The news section considers new crustacean-inspired fibre-based packaging, as well as the benefits of using copper moulds instead of traditional steel. The Starpack awards were also announced in May - we provide a full breakdown of all the star-studded winners.


March/April 2007

This issue of The Packaging Professional focuses on medical packaging, although we also carry a fair amount on sustainability - a theme that will be recurring in future issues. We have features on the importance of glass containers, how codes are placed onto medication and the use of temperature sensors to check the integrity of blister packs. The news section considers the traffic light labelling of food versus presenting the guideline daily amounts of nutrients in the product. Most retailers have so far plumped for the traffic light system, but the consultation on which to adopt is ongoing.


January/February 2007

In the run up to 2007, we were assailed with comments about 'over packaging' and concerns over the environmental soundness of our industry. In this issue we throw caution to the wind, ignore the consumer mutterings and launch straight into the luxury market. This may well have a feel good factor, but the packaging sector is facing a serious decision about routes to follow in future. No-one believes that we should return to paper bags for all products, but consumers are seeing packaging as more of an issue than just pretty wrapping. As we enter this new year, it is time to celebrate 60 years of IOP: The Packaging Society and Professor Henry Lovell discusses the founding of the organisation.


November/December 2006

Smart and intelligent packaging is the theme of the November/December issue of The Packaging Professional as we look at recent advances in packaging. Our features explore the possibilities of new materials or new uses for old materials to create strong, purposeful, tamper-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing packs. David Arthur, head of SMART.mat, offers a review of the network's progress thus far, while Paul LeGood gives the highlights of the group's recently released report on the industry. Conrad Taylor from Listgrove Limited also offers his advice on recruiting the best designers and packaging technologists on the market. Finally, The Packaging Professional takes a look at the role innovation is playing as the competition gets going for the 2007 Industry Starpack awards.


September/October 2006

Given the growing demands by Government and the public to find environmentally-friendly alternatives to wasteful products, we have decided to devote this issue to sustainable packaging. Our features investigate different materials and packaging methods for reducing waste - techniques that can also save companies money in the long term! We also offer tips from Listgrove Limited on the best way to go about interviewing potential employees. Finally, after a two month rest from July's 2006 Starpack Awards, The Packaging Professional resumes its coverage of this event with a preview of the judges, sponsors and briefs for the 2007 Student and Schools Starpack Awards.


July/August 2006

'Packaging worldwide' is the theme of the July/August issue of The Packaging Professional. Our three features take a look at international RFID developments as well as packaging innovations in France, and how the UK compares. We also offer tips from Listgrove Limited for finding the right candidate for an executive position. Finally, The Packaging Professional team was able to attend the Starpack Industry Awards, which took place in early July. We have dedicated four pages to reviewing some of the winners.


May/June 2006

'A penny saved is a penny earned', wrote Benjamin Franklin over 200 hundred years ago, and the editorial team at The Packaging Professional have taken that advice to heart for our May/June issue. Our features section offers three perspectives on cost reduction, and in the news, we report on the latest research on the use of aluminium foil in microwave ovens. We also take a look at the outstanding display of creativity shown by the 2006 Student and Schools Starpack Awards winners.


March/April 2006

The editorial team has been tapping away at the digital coalface to bring you news and views on some of the latest developments in printing and decoration. We have features on the role of nanotechnology and digital printing in packaging, as well as news of the Faraday Packaging Partnerships' involvement in the newly launched Materials KTN, a knowledge transfer network supported by the DTI.


January/February 2006

The Packaging Professional begins the year by asking the rather large question, 'What has polymer technology ever done for packaging?' Malcolm Butler from FaraPack Polymers Ltd provides an overview to some of the major developments. And if you've been wondering what 'smart materials' are, then we provide a brief run-down, with examples ranging from thin-film displays that show moving images to polymer bubbles - called vesicles - that could be used for encapsulation. In the news, we cover the opening of the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising in London, and we reveal the new categories in this year's Industry Starpack Awards.


November/December 2005

The first themed issue of The Packaging Professional. Every two-months, we aim to bring you original features on the latest technology, innovation and legislation in packaging. In 'Packaging and the consumer', we look at how packaging can be made easier to open, Paul Butler uncovers the story behind thin-film breath strips, and we learn how ethnographers are influencing packaging design by immersing themselves in consumer culture.


September/October 2005

This issue focuses on debunking some of the myths surrounding RFID technology, a packaging initiative involving some of the UK's leading retailers, experiences of e-auctions, and the latest innovations in packaging from around the world.
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