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Energy materials top priority to tackle climate change

How to address security of energy supply and tackle climate change was the basis of a series of reports launched on 4 December in London. The Energy Materials Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) identifies the challenges to be overcome to support the UK Government’s energy policy. The documents are the product of research and broad consultation by the Energy Materials Working Group of Materials UK, the representative body for the UK materials community.

The five reports, Fossil-fuelled power generation, Nuclear energy materials, Alternative energy technologies, Energy transmission, distribution and storage, and the SRA itself, identify where R&D funds are most critical to help the UK become a global leader in clean and affordable energy for future generations.

In support of the materials agenda, Malcolm Wicks, Minister of State for Energy, said, ‘Materials play an important role in all aspects of the energy supply chain. As such, energy materials will provide a key underpinning technology solution.’

Priority aspects for new materials include – reducing time to market and lifecycle costs, higher performance in harsher environments, and improved life management and reliability.

For further information, contact Nick Morgan, Secretariat, or download the documentation. Hard copies of the reports are available from Zoe Chiverton, tel: 020 7451 7395.

Date Posted: 6 December 2007

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