Institute Launches New Spin-Out Scheme

Institute Launches New Spin-Out Scheme

The Institute is to receive DTI funding to develop a new programme to support small start-up and spin-out companies. This follows the recent launch of a Foresight Materials Panel Report on Spin–Out companies in the materials sector which identified a number of common problems which spin-out businesses experience. Major constraints to growth are related to the identification of suitable finance, access to technical information, and wider visibility and marketing to the business market.

The Institute's Chief Executive, Bernie Rickinson, says ‘having been heavily involved in the Foresight study, the Institute gained a valuable insight into the important issues facing small materials businesses. We are delighted that the DTI, through its Basic Technologies, Technology Transfer and Awareness programme, has been able to provide pump priming funding to help us launch a new scheme’. There are opportunities to link with other societies to extend these new benefits.

The programme will be officially launched in February and will provide information signposting, investment advice, and networking. A ‘Spin-out Expo’ for companies in the materials sector is also planned on 31 March during the Institute’s Materials Congress in London this spring. More details here (pdf file 94k).

For details of the Spin-Out support scheme, contact Stuart Preston on 01924 403521, email: For a copy of the Spin Out report contact Frances Perry on 020 7451 7324, email:

Date Posted: 29 January 2004

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