Powder Metals Roadmaps Launched

Powdermatrix has launched a series of reports providing roadmaps for research and development activities in advanced ceramics, hardmetals, powder metals and magnetics. The roadmaps are intended to help the UK powder metals sector meet its development priorities for the next ten years.

Powdermatrix is one of 24 Faraday partnerships launched by the Government in 2002, of which the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining is a core partner, together with Ceram, the European Powder Metallurgy Association, the National Physical Laboratory, the British Hardmetals and Engineers Cutting Tool Assocation, and Birmingham, Loughborough and Manchester universities.

The roadmapping studies match the current and developing state of the particulate engineering sectors with the needs and desires of the industry sector and its customers. The roadmaps consider the products and services the sectors need to meet future markets and changes in the industrial environment.

For more details and copies of the reports, visit the Powdermatrix website at www.powdermatrix.org, or contact stuart.maclachlan@ceram.com

Date Posted: 31 January 2005

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