IOP: The Packaging Society Takes First Steps Forward

The first meeting of the new Packaging Board representing IOP: The Packaging Society took place on 16 May at the headquarters of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and MIning (IOM3) in London.

The combined Board, led by new chairman Heather Kendle, had a significant agenda to cover the combined activities of the fomer IOM3 Packaging Group and that of the former IOP. With equal representation from both organisations, and Paul Butler as Vice Chair of the Group, they were keen to start the process of bringing the two organisations together.

Determined to move the new organisation on quickly for the benefit of its members, various working groups were established to pick up on critical areas such as: education and training; Branch activities; Starpack: conferences: membership communication.

The Board rounded off its long day with a dinner to which past Trustees and other key figures were also invited. "We were keen to recognise the people who had worked so hard to put this merger together", says Heather Kendle. "They have put us in a strong position to develop our relevance to industry and membership. Various links with groups within IOM3 are already paying dividends and I hope that we will see many more over the next few months. We are delighted that we have taken almost 100% of our membership across to the new organisation, and we will use this next year to reinforce the benefits this new group can bring."

The first major event being put together under the new organisation is the annual Packaging Industry Dinner, incorporating the Starpack Awards, which takes place in London on 30th June and gives recognition to key players who see packaging as a key part of their business succes.

For further information, Heather Kendle, Chair, Packaging Board, 01223 577800, Email
Date Posted: 3 June 2005

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