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Living with composites non-destructive testing conference

Organised by the Composites Division of IOM3, the Living with Composites conference will discuss non-destructive testing (NDT) methods for large-scale composite structures. To be held on 3 July at the Composites NDT Validation Centre in Port Talbot, Wales, the conference addresses the importance of NDT methods to detect defects without disturbing the integrity of the structure itself.

In order to achieve high quality analysis, speed, accuracy and repeatability of testing are vital. High volume applications and thick composite components present their own challenges. As well as discussing the practicalities of testing methodologies, the event will also:

  • Identify best practice
  • Review the latest automation and data handling techniques
  • Discuss the application of NDT to multi-material composites
  • Introduce the issue of standardisation across all industries
  • Consider the future of NDT for composite structures
There will be a tour of the Centre conducted by its manager, Dr Philip Wallace.

The brochure pdf, which includes a booking form, can be downloaded here. The event costs 50+VAT.

Date Posted: 15 May 2007

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