IoP: The Packaging Society

Following the positive vote by members for a merger of the Institute of Packaging (IoP) with the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3), significant progress has been made to co-ordinate activities and management of the new merged group.

As an important part of the IOM3 community, the IoP identity will be retained through its society status, along with its previous services and functions. Through the continuing use of "IoP" in its title, the new organisation is demonstrating to the industry that it will continue in the best traditions to be a high profile and professional voice for packaging.

The merger has combined the specialised experience and expertise of the IoP with the strength and breadth of the IOM3 to form a powerful voice in the ever-changing world of packaging. "This new society", said Heather Kendle, former chair of IoP's National Council and a member of the new Packaging Board, "will preserve the IoP brand and help ensure our identity and profile within IOM3".

The former members of the IoP have elected representatives to the new Society Board, and this group will officially launch the new society on 16 May. The Stamford office of the IoP has been retained and the operational functions of the new society have been integrated with the Institute's three other regional offices.

For more information, contact: Dr Bernie Rickinson.

Date Posted: 19 April 2005

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