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Filling the gap – ‘Fillers and Pigments for Papermakers’

Are you looking to get up to speed on the latest filler technologies? Do you want to learn more about improving paper properties and reducing costs without compromising quality? The IOM3 co-sponsored conference ‘Fillers and Pigments for Papermakers’ provides an ideal opportunity to expand your understanding, while helping you catch up on market trends, global demand, and much more besides. To be held from 13-14 June in Berlin, Germany, this event will discuss successful filler and pigment use from a variety of perspectives.

Aimed at product and process improvement staff, and chemical, filler and pigment suppliers, presentations from experts at paper mills and academic institutions will offer something of interest to everyone involved in paper processing. The principal themes will be:

  • The global market and changing demands in paper specification
  • Operational developments and new technologies
  • Advances in monitoring and measurement techniques
  • Enhancing paper properties
  • Novel and future technologies
Analysing the latest methods used by the industry, this event seeks to help fillers reduce the impact of the rising cost of raw materials. Results from mill trials and case studies will provide an insight into the performance of the new technologies being developed.

A half-day pre-conference workshop entitled ‘Starch Technology in Papermaking’ has been organised for 12 June. This will examine how starch can best be used to respond to the increased use of fillers by talks analysing recent projects, looking at the effect on products’ properties and discussing the financial impact of starch.

IOM3 members can receive a 20% discount off entry if booked before 11 May; after this date a 10% discount applies. Further details and booking information can be found on the event web page, or alternatively contact Paul Squires, tel: +44 (0)1372 802051, e-mail:

Date Posted: 25 April 2007

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