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£50 Million of Funding to be Given to Research and Development Projects

The DTI competition for funding is now open to applicants. It was formally launched in November and will distribute £50 million to successful bids from collaborative research and development projects.

Market-focused, concentrating on technologies critical to a healthy economy, areas where funding is available are as follows:
  • Network security
  • Plastic electronics
  • Low carbon energy technologies
  • Bioscience and healthcare
  • Limiting the negative environmental impact of businesses
  • Sensors and imaging for medical, security and environmental applications
The competition is part of the UK Government’s Technology Strategy which aims to make UK industry more competitive by supporting innovation and addressing specific challenges arising from changes in society and science. The Technology Strategy Board, a group of senior business representatives with responsibility for interaction between the UK Government, industry and other stakeholders, oversees the Technology Strategy. The Board also agrees the categories of the competition.

Partnering events and applicant briefings covering the criteria and assessment of bids will take place in December. Proposals must be registered by 8 January 2007. For further information about the competition, including details of the briefings, visit the DTI website.

Date Posted: 29 November 2006

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