EMAG-NANO 2005 Conference

The Institute is cosponsoring EMAG-NANO 2005, a three-day conference which will focus on aspects of imaging, analysis and fabrication on the nanoscale. The conference is organised by the Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group and the Nanoscale Physics Technology Group of the Institute of Physics and will take place as part of the Einstein International year of Physics from 31 August-2 September 2005 at the University of Leeds.

The conference is divided by three main sessions, Techniques, Materials and Nano, ran in parallel over all three days. These will be grouped into the following sessions:

Techniques (Spectroscopy; Theory; Lithography and Nanofabrication; Imaging and Aberration Correction), Materials (Structural Materials and Coatings; Functional Materials; Biological and Soft Materials), Nano (Surfaces and Catalysis; Surface Imaging Techniques and Nano-engineered Materials).

Institute members are invited to contribute to and attend this exciting event.

For more information, visit conferences.iop.org/EMNA.

Date Posted: 2 March 2005

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