CRIRSCO Publishes Latest Mineral Reserves Status Report

The latest report of the Combined Reserves International Reporting Standards Committee (CRIRSCO) has been published. CRIRSCO is an international working group set up by professional institutes whose members are engaged in the minerals industry, including the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. The report, by CRIRSCO Chairman, Norman Miskelly, is available on the Applied Earth Sciences Division's website.

CRIRSCO's next meeting is taking place on Friday 3 October 2003, in Reston, Virginia following the SME Annual Conference, when future strategy for the working group will be discussed. The Institute representative at the meeting is Eur Ing Gordon P Riddler, Operations Director of the Minerals Industry Research Organisation and Chairman of the Institute¹s Applied Earth Science Division. Please contact him for further information at

Date Posted: 25 September 2003


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