Institute to Manage New Virtual Network for Materials Community

The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) is pleased to announce an agreement with the DTI to develop and manage a new virtual network to support the materials community. The Advanced Materials Forum (AMF), effectively a network of networks, has been established to bring together the considered views of industry and academia, and to:

  • Debate the future priorities for materials application and development.
  • Fully access up to date news, information and reports on material changes from around the world.
Lord Sainsbury has welcomed the Institute’s involvement, saying “Materials underpin every day life. It is important that we reap the benefits and opportunities that developments in materials continue to offer. This network will play a major role in this by facilitating technology transfer using state of the art technology. It’s fitting that the UK’s premier materials organisation has won the competition to deliver this particular network. I congratulate the Institute and look forward to seeing the Network flourish under their stewardship.”

The Department for Trade & Industry is establishing virtual networks that will increase the breadth and depth of knowledge transfer from and within the science, engineering and technology base for exploitation by UK businesses – a major part of the Department’s efforts to drive business innovation in the UK. These networks are intended to serve many industrial and commercial needs, from facilitating discussion and sharing data between disparate organisations, to fostering partnership and collaborative efforts, mapping and defining industry road-maps. The web infrastructure developed by DTI has facilities to enable free exchange of information on-line, including on-line voice conferencing. It is hosted by Globalwatchonline, a government IT infrastructure and has been constructed using some of the best IT consoles.

The network can be accessed at:

Notes to Editors:

  1. The DTI Knowledge Transfer Networks Programme provides an integrated platform for the provision and management of an online network or community.
  2. The Advanced Materials Forum has been designed to reflect the diversity that exists within the broader Materials community by creating a large number of portals (sub-forums), each representing a distinct group of materials. To ensure effective management of the portals, each will be assigned a sub-forum moderator who will work closely with a forum co-ordinator.
  3. As a response to the 2nd Technology Call in April 2004, the Institute of Materials, Mining and Minerals (IOM3), put in a successful bid to manage the Forum. The IOM3 proposal is for a five-year programme to encourage innovative information dissemination, the management of on-line conferencing events, development of technology road maps and to support sub-forum content management.
  4. The Institute will build strong relationships with Managed Networks, eg NAMTEC, Faradays, the National Composites Network, and encourage these to actively use the Forum for virtual networking activities.
  5. For further information contact :
    IOM3: Dr. Bernie Rickinson at:
    DTI: Dr. Robert Quarshie at:

Date Posted: 3 November 2004

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