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Grades of Institute Membership

The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, which has its foundations in the late 19th Century, is a learned and professional body for scientists, technologists and engineers working in the areas of materials, minerals and mining. Professional competence is recognised by the award of the Institute's designatory letters. The Institute works actively for its membership and related communities worldwide through the services and facilities that it offers. Close contacts have been developed with academia and industry. All members are encouraged to participate in the Institute's schemes for education, training and professional development.

The Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining offers the following grades of membership:
Fellow (FIMMM)
Professional Member (MIMMM) (with or without CEng or CSci)
Associate Member (IEng AIMMM)
Professional Graduate (ProfGrad IMMM)
Graduate (Grad IMMM)
Technician (Eng Tech)
Student and Affiliate

The grades of Fellow, Professional Member, Associate and Technician carry equal privileges, including the right to vote at and serve on General Meetings, to serve on Council (the governing body of the Institute), and to elect members to Council. Fellows and Professional Members can qualify for registration as Chartered Engineers with the Engineering Council, or Chartered Scientist with the Science Council. Associate Members (AIMMM) can qualify as Incorporated Engineer (IEng) and Technicians (TIMMM) as Engineering Technicians (EngTech). Eligibility for registration is assessed by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining on behalf of the Engineering and Science Councils and is available only to persons who have produced evidence of relevant qualifications, training and engineering or scientific experience.

Members are expected to apply their respective codes of professional conduct, to undertake work within their expertise and to exercise a responsible attitude to society with a regard to the ethical, economic and environmental impact of technical change and need.

IOM3 Code of Conduct


Fellow (FIMMM)
Typical age 35
Fellowship application pack
A prestigious grade for those with an established and enhanced reputation in materials, minerals and mining technology. Professional Members can apply for transfer to the grade of Fellow, but direct entry is possible as well. The assessment does not normally necessitate an interview.
Candidates who wish to apply for CEng FIMMM or CSci FIMMM should also follow The Guide to Professional Membership.
Candidates who wish to apply for CEng FIMMM or CSci FIMMM without a formal degree background, who are operating at or near Board level, should refer to
Guidelines to the Technical Report Route pdf file 548k  Word doc 424k

Professional Member (MIMMM) with or without CEng or CSci
Typical age 25
Professional membership application pack
The main professional grade requiring an accredited Masters degree, or equivalent, in a relevant science, technology or engineering field, coupled with at least four years' approved training and responsible experience. Registration as a Chartered Engineer (CEng) or Chartered Scientist (CSci) is available depending on academic qualifications and field of activity. Professional Members are usually expected to exercise independent technical judgement in both practical experience and the application of scientific or engineering principles. They will be innovative in technical matters through the activities of materials/process use and selection, development, research and manufacturing technology. Normally Professional Members will have direct responsibility for the management or guidance of technical staff and other resources. The assessment procedure includes an interview.
Candidates who do not hold minimum academic qualifications should refer to the
Guidelines to the Technical Report Route pdf file 548k   Word doc 424k
Longer periods of relevant experience are required.

Associate Member (IEng AIMMM), Incorporated Engineer Division
Associate membership application pack
Typical age 23
Requires an accredited honours degree or equivalent academic qualification, and typically 5 years' approved training and practical experience. To obtain the title IEng AIMMM requires registration as an Incorporated Engineer with the Engineering Council. The work of an Associate Member demands a practical approach and detailed understanding of materials, minerals and mining technology. By virtue of this training, education and experience they are competent to exercise technical judgement in, and assume personal responsibility for, the maintenance and management of existing technology at peak efficiency.
This grade requires an interview. Candidates who do not hold minimum academic qualifications but have suitable experience should refer to the
Guidelines to the Technical Report Route pdf file 548k   Word doc 424k
Longer periods of relevant experience are required.

Professional Graduate (ProfGrad IMMM)
Professional Graduate membership application pack
This grade is available to all Graduates with an accredited degree who have two years’ relevant experience in employment after graduation. Professional Graduate can apply for transfer to the grade of Professional Member after at least four years' approved training and responsible experience.

Graduate (Grad IMMM)
Graduate membership application pack
For graduates with accredited qualifications, who will normally transfer to MIMMM after relevant experience. Please check with the Membership Dept if you are unsure whether your qualifications are accredited.

Technician (Eng Tech TIMMM)
Typical age 21
Technician membership application pack
Technician members apply proven techniques and procedures to the solution of practical problems. The grade is open to all those with a qualification such as BTEC, National Certificate or Diploma in an acceptable subject, or an agreed group of SCOTVEC modules plus four years' training and experience in materials, minerals and mining.
Those working in an engineering environment (as opposed to a scientific environment) may be registered with the Engineering Council as an Engineering Technician and can then use the letters Eng Tech.

Student (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
Typical age 18
Membership is open to students following an approved course of study (at undergraduate or postgraduate level) leading to admission to one of the above grades. Proof of study is needed from the university or college. For full details see our Student membership package

This grade is for persons engaged in, or interested in, materials, minerals or mining science and technology who do not conform to any of the above grades. You can join the Institute immediately at this grade.
Membership form (pdf file 455k)

For general enquiries about membership, please use the online form available below:
Membership Enquiry Form
For membership advice and information, you can also email or phone +44 (0)1782 221717