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Current Issue: October 2006

An important factor for the success of any product or project is choosing the right materials to bring one’s creation to life. The October issue of Materials World focuses on the topic of materials selection, including a look at factors such as cost, performance and availability. Through four feature stories, we look at the benefits that new and innovative materials can have within the automotive, bridge construction and health industries – as well as on the environment! In other feature stories, Michael Forrest looks at the opportunities being presented in the under-explored greenstone belts of Guyana, Douglas Jenkinson delivers this year’s Hopley lecture on historical barytes and fluorspar recovery, and Nick Osborne investigates the use of high-speed video in impact testing.
   Continuing on the theme of materials selection in our news section, Materials World looks at the cost and design implications of recovering vehicle parts. Rupal Mehta gets the inside scoop on a new US$100 million yacht that makes use of revolutionary composite masts. Our new commissioning editor, Martin Parley, discovers new smart clothing applications at the ‘How Smart Are We?’ conference. And researchers at MIT have been inspired by a unique desert beetle to create a novel water harvesting technology.

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