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Current Issue: February 2006

In this issue of Materials World, our electronics theme takes you from A to Z. A is for Angstrom – John Wolstenholme of Thermo Electron Corporation reports on the nanometre-scale analysis of ultra-thin semiconductor films. Z is for zeolite, a porous crystalline solid that could now find applications in molecular sensors and electronics – Gerard Ferey, from the University of Versailles, France, explains. And in between, we have a progress report from the team at London South Bank University working on ferroelectric materials.
   Our mining features include a report by Steven Poulton of Ariana Resources on the potential for gold exploration in Turkey, and in ‘Heaps of Nickel’, mining consultant Keith Irons describes a new acid heap leach process.
   In the news, Rupal Mehta reports on the microanalysis of artworks, and in our R&D section you can read about the first demonstration of negative resistance in an amorphous semiconductor. We also cover the launch of the Materials KTN and SMART.mat, two initiatives by the DTI. And in Institute News, we profile Dr Richard Dolby, the new president of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

Our news is filed under the following section titles. Click on those sections that are highlighted for news in the current issue:

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Institute News
Profile of Dr Richard Dolby, the Institute’s new President, and G W Greenwood gives a summary of the 53rd Hatfield Memorial Lecture, held 6 December 2005 at the University of Sheffield, UK.

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