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2004 Back Issues

Information about the following back issues of Materials World are currently available online.

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December 2004
The December issue focuses on exploration - we report on a Greenfield exploration joint venture at Table Hill, Australia, the Metals Economics Group's survey of exploration expenditure, and the Institute's Annual Commodity Meeting, which was entitled 'gold from cradle to grave'. We also take a look at the field of forensic materials technology, including the challenges posed by nanomaterials and nanocoatings, plus a new laser scanner that can store a document's 'biometric fingerprint'.
November 2004
The November issue takes an in-depth look at current issues facing the electronics industry. We look at the development of display devices, report on how the electronics and telecommunications industry are increasingly using ceramics, examine the causes of electronic corrosion, and meet with the designers of the Diana Fountain. On the mining side we consider the problems that might arise now that the major producer of tantalum has called in the receivers.
October 2004
As well as a comprehensive News section that includes a consideration of the skills shortage in the mineral industry, the October issue features a selection of articles looking at pertinent issues currently facing the metals industry, including the problem of materials selection, and corrosion in metals. A breakthrough in the study of aluminium is investigated, and mining-related stories include developments in remote transportation, diamond production in Canada, and the re-opening of the Bendigo goldfield. A focus on materials and minerals testing is also included, and there is detailed information about the latest forthcoming conferences and Institute news.
September 2004
As well as a report on the effect that career breaks have on women in SET, the September issue features a number of articles that investigate recent developments in the area of materials selection, including materials in design and mine modelling packages. The decision processes involved in the current climate of multiple choices is explored, as are new innovations in resource estimation technology for the mining industry. The use of composites in commercial aircraft (and the controversy this is creating) is covered, and there is a special section covering advances in materials and minerals processing, as well as useful information on forthcoming conferences and events, and all the latest Institute News.

August 2004
As well as featuring a comprehensive News section that includes a report on Bristol airport's fuel-resistant runway surfacing, the August issue takes a close look at developments in smart and functional materials. The need for further understanding of materials properties is highlighted as a key factor for the continued growth of functional applications, while both functional fabrics and microwave dielectric resonators - and the part they are currently playing in mobile technology - are considered. Automation in mining is also covered, and there is a special section covering advances in thermal processing, surface engineering, treatment and coating.
July 2004
This month the magazine's expansive news section is complemented by a range of features taking environmental issues and sustainable materials as their main theme, including an article that looks at a recent technology development that could see the widespread production of more environmentally friendly tyres. The dynamic field of sustainable materials in building is also covered, as is mine site remediation in war-torn Kosovo. The issue also contains a special section on training and professional development in materials and mining
June 2004
The June issue takes transport as its main features theme, and opens with an opinion piece from a top Materials Technologist at Williams Formula 1 in which areas of advancement in lightweight materials for future vehicles are discussed. Other articles look at materials issues in military aerospace applications, as well as the development of an environmentally beneficial truck body panel. An investigation into risk management in mining is also included, in addition to a special section containing features, product updates, and a conference preview in the area of analysis, microscopy, metallography, image analysis and processing.
May 2004
The May issue takes an in-depth look at materials in sporting applications. Beginning with a contextual look at the evolutionary and revolutionary changes in equipment design from Dr Mike Jenkins, feature articles that follow include an investigation of the recent technological advances that will give athletes at this year's Olympic games the competitive edge and an overview of how smart materials and systems are making an impact on the sports and leisure area. A Presidential Address delivered by Jeff Smith, President of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, on the importance of minerals is also included, as is the Institute's Annual Review of 2003.
April 2004
This issue takes nanotechnology as its focus, and looks at this hot topic in relation to nanomaterials. Professor Peter Dobson puts the subject into context, looking at the genuine concerns and real opportunities it affords, while other leading professionals from academia and industry will investigate R&D developments, the commercial exploitation of nanomaterial technology, the role of nanoparticles in combating the effects of mining pollution, and the social and ethical issues surrounding the nanotechnology debate. A special section on advances in materials and minerals testing and inspection is also featured, and looks at how industry is responding to the challenges it faces in the improvement of new and existing products.
March 2004
This month we take a close look at the role of materials in packaging, including recent advances in new materials. A selection of industry experts contribute their latest findings and opinions, discussing subjects that include developments in smart consumer packaging, antimicrobials in packaging and the impact of new recycling legislation on the packaging chain. There is also a special section focusing on R&D in spin-out and start-up companies which looks at intellectual property issues surrounding spin-outs and also profiles four companies.
February 2004
This month's magazine features a selection of special articles on the subject of medical breakthroughs and biotechnology. Materials in medicine and medical applications, as well as biotechnology in mining are discussed in articles that investigate the latest developments in medical implants, the role of materials in improving the quality of medical devices, and the growing importance of bioleaching in the recovery of base metals from refractory deposits.
January 2004
This month's magazine focusses on the issue of power generation, with special features on government policy, photovoltaics, fuel cell applications and the future of wind power as a sustainable energy. The booming coal industry in China is also discussed.

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