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The Materials Science and Technology Division currently has nine constituent committees:

High Temperature Materials
Materials Chemistry
Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
Particulate Engineering
Smart Materials and Systems
Structure of Materials
Sustainable Integrated Manufacturing

This wide spectrum reflects the major objective of the Division, which is to facilitate the application of fundamental physical, chemical and engineering principles to the needs of industry across a broad sector range. This includes materials' production, processing, fabrication and end user industries.

David Gooch
The Division seeks to identify, encourage and support relevant basic and applied research and to help industry benefit through, for example, problem solving, cost reduction or new product development. The Division liaises with EPSRC in order to further promote interaction between academia and industry.
A major plank of this strategy is the organisation of conferences and workshops balanced between generic and material or industry specific topics. These aim to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information both within and between the academic and industrial communities. To this end the committees attempt to maintain a balanced representation from academia, research organisations and industry.
The Division also aims to identify new areas of technology where the Institute should be taking initiatives and has historically been a seed-corn from which new Divisions have emerged.

Enquiries are welcomed from anyone interested in the work of the Division.

David Gooch ,
Chair, MST Division Board

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