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Welcome to the Electronic Applications Division Website

As one of the Applications Divisions of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, the aim of the Division is to cover all materials in the Electronics and Telecommunications industry, and to encourage and represent members in these fields, by liaising with other professional bodies, through education and training, promoting publications and conferences, and representing the Institute to external bodies. In an industry which is developing so quickly, and is providing many jobs to our members, we feel it is vital for therre to be an active focus for your needs.

Our objectives include the following:

Promulgation of knowledge in the field, by means of conferences, seminars and workshops.
Promotion of education and training, through professional development courses etc., both in the UK and overseas.
Commissioning and promotion of publications, particularly in IOM³ journals.
Initiation of activities to inform Institute members about new developments in electronics applications, and to encourage members to exchange such information.
Representing the Institute in the field as required to provide specialist advice to external bodies eg Government, EC, standards organisations, etc.
Representing the Institute on International Materials Organisations e.g. the Electronics Materials forum set up by TMS.
Liaising with other professional Institutes, e.g. IEE, IOP, on topics within its scope.

The purpose of this Divisional Website is to introduce the Board and its members and to highlight our activities. We hope that you will contact us with suggestions and take an active part in our activities.

Neil Alford
Roger Whatmore ,
Joint Chairmen, Electronic Applications Division

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