Council 2006-2007

Jan Lewis BEng CEng MIMMM
Vice President

I am the London Office Managing Partner of Wardell Armstrong, a major Mining, Mineral, Engineering and Environmental consultancy. I have served on the IMMM Council (representing the South East Region) since the formation of the merged Institution in December 2002. I have also served on the Southern Counties Branch Council (IMM) since 1998 and was president from 2001-2002. Part of the responsibility of being President is to organise the year’s events, including evening lectures. The IMM had a diverse membership in terms of technical disciplines and so I organised a wide ranging lecture programme to reflect those disciplines. One of the benefits of the merged IMMM is the opportunity for members in various Local Societies to interact and stimulate new ideas. The six Regional Council Members will have a vital role to play to encourage that interaction.

I am also on the newly created Applied Earth Science Division Board. The development of the Board structure generally and their interaction with the Local Societies should also stimulate new ideas and opportunities.

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