Council 2006-2007

Heather Kendle
IOP: The Packaging Society

An active member of the Institute of Packaging for the past 10 or more years, Heather has been involved with Starpack, Student Starpack and the IOP conference committee as well as being a Starpack judge. She is current Chairman of the Packaging Board.

Heather Kendle was appointed to Inca Digital Printers in May 2000 when the company was spun out from Cambridge Consultants. As Director of Marketing, she is responsible for customer and distributor liaison as well as general promotion of Industrial inkjet printing to the wider fast moving consumer goods market.

Already making industrial inkjet printers for the graphics market, she is keen that Inca move their products into the packaging area and is instrumental in considering how the technology can be applied in a variety of applications. Heather regularly speaks at conferences as well as more generally visiting companies to make them aware of the significance of this technology for future printing requirements.

Previously a director with packaging consultancy CPS International, Heather worked with many global companies, assisting with the introduction of packaging change to new and existing brands. As such she is well aware of the pressures associated with managing an established brand as well as the opportunities that digital print can offer, for marketing, production and legislative reasons.

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