Council 2006-2007

Martin Jarrett
Light Metals Division Board Chairman

Martin Jarrett is currently the European technical development manager for Alcoa’s European Extrusion and End products division. As such he has responsibility for the management and co-ordination of a series of strategic programmes focusing on improving manufacturing efficiency and product quality, through the implementation of benchmarking processes, technology transfer, best practice deployment and group-wide productivity and quality improvement projects.

Martin was formally the divisional technical director of the British Aluminium extrusion business in the UK, also having corporate responsibility for the Luxfer group research and technology strategy. This led to the establishment of the Luxfer group R&D system of advanced technology centres, bringing university know how and scientific understanding in a strategic partnership of Industrial and academic participation.

As chairman of the Institute’s light metals division, together with his fellow divisional board members, Martin has a strong commitment in promoting the interests of the light metals industry and its membership in the UK.

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