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 Council 2008

Council meetings in 2008 will take place on the following dates:
    • 12 March 2008
    • 2 July 2008
    • 12 November 2008
President (from 1.1.2008) Mr B Lye
Senior Vice-President Dr B Suddell
Vice Presidents Dr J C H Lewis
Dr M Hicks
Honorary Treasurer Mr C T Massey
Past Presidents Dr R E Dolby
Honorary Overseas Secretaries Mr B Lye
Chairman of Managing Board Dr R E Dolby
Chairman of PP Board Mr P L Huxtable
Chairman of ITP Board Dr M J Pettifor
Chairman of Local Affairs Board Dr Phil Bischler
Chairman of Younger Members Committee Dr M R Clinch
Councillors representing Regions:
Scotland Dr C G Smith
North East Mr C Rhodes
North West Dr A Thomas
Midlands Mr D R Evetts
South East Dr A Jadoon
Wales & South West Dr P J Foster
Councillors representing Corporate Members
Honorary Fellows & Fellows Mr C Husselbury
Dr G Hollox
Professional Members & Members Dr J K Aubrey-Robson
Dr M B Barker
Associate Members Mr S J Wood
Technician Members Mr S Bellaby
Councillors representing Disciplines
Metals Dr K A Ridal
Ceramics Mr C Hallas
Plastics & Rubber Mr K L Forsdyke
Minerals & Mining Eur Ing R G Siddall
Divisional Board Chairman
Applied Earth Science Mr M Forrest
Automotive Applications Under discussion
Biomedical Applications Dr S Best
Castings Dr P Withey
Ceramics & Building Materials Professor D Thompson
Composites Professor P Hogg
Electronic Applications Dr M Khor
Light Metals Mr M R Jarrett
Materials Science & Technology Dr D Gooch
Mineral Processing & Extractive Metallurgy Professor J Monhemius
Mining Technology Eur Ing R Siddall
IOP: The Packaging Society Ms Heather Kendle
Petroleum & Drilling Engineering Under discussion
Polymer Society Mr S G Patrick
Iron & Steel Dr K Walker
Surface Engineering Mr K Harrison
Co-opted Members Dr J Morton
Mr M Driver
Mr J Bence
Dr S Matthews