Council 2006-2007

D R Evetts
Councillor representing the Midlands

I have been a member of the Institute (in previous forms) since 1970, and a Fellow since 1995.

I am currently retired, having worked for Rolls-Royce from 1964-2002. In that time I had a broad-ranging career in that company, comprising time in production laboratories and materials definition and applications. I was responsible for Rolls-Royce material specifications for 15 years and the material selector for 12 years.Externally, I was Rolls-Royce’s and the UK’s senior representative on national and international metallic materials standardisation committees.

I had a significant involvement with the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining in Rolls-Royce, being responsible for ensuring that staff applied for the appropriate level of Institute membership. As well as a being a member of the Institute’s Council, I also serve on the Membership Committee and am President of the East Midlands Materials Society.

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