Council 2006-2007

Dr Richard Dolby OBE FREng FIMMM
Past President

Richard Dolby was formerly Director, Research & Technology at TWI (The Welding Institute).

He obtained his first degree in metallurgy and PhD from Cambridge University. Following employment at Alcan Industries and General Electric Company, he joined The Welding Institute in 1965, becoming Head of the Materials Department in 1978, and Research Manager in 1980.

He currently serves on the UK Technical Advisory Committee for Structural Integrity of Nuclear Plant, and on the Materials Board of the UK Defence Scientific Advisory Council.

He is a member of the Professional Affairs Board of The Welding Institute, and a past Chairman of the Technology Management Board of the International Institute of Welding.

He is an honorary Fellow of the Japan Welding Society and has an honorary doctorate of metallurgy from the University of Sheffield.

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President's message January 2006

Presidential Address April 2006

Dr Richard Dolby Presidential Address, "Joining Matters", was delivered during Materials Congress 2006 in April 2006

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