Teacher’s experience: Smart materials –
smart move

Wednesday 14 May 2008

Organised with support from:
The IOM3 Smart Materials and Systems Committee

This one-day event will focus on smart materials to support the secondary science and technology curriculum. It will provide teachers with a wealth of information on a variety of materials.

The session will explain the everyday applications of smart materials, such as in construction, impact protection and as shape memory alloys in medicine and dentistry. These technical presentations will cover the how, why and where of smart materials, as well as the origins of the ingredients found in these materials.

During the open session teachers can question experts, and a small exhibition will provide the opportunity to talk to speakers and see smart materials in action. The final session will look at co-operative learning and how to incorporate the information gathered during the day into the classroom.

Teachers can register for this session for free (normal registration is £150+VAT for IOM3 members, and £180+VAT for non-members).

This is the one stop shop to bring your knowledge and understanding of smart materials up to date!

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For further details please contact:

Anita Horton
Education/Regions Assistant
Danum House
6a South Parade

T: +44 (0)1302 380908
E: anita.horton@iom3.org