Industrial Affiliate Scheme

Materials Information Services

The Information Services group of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining provides a service for members, non-members, industry, academia and the public.

The Information Services group provides both a technical enquiry service and more traditional library-style services. Company membership of the Institute through the Industrial Affiliate Scheme provides rapid access to all these services.

Technical Enquiry Service

Correct materials and process selection is fundamental to the success of a product - get it right and profitability and product performance are maximised, get it wrong and poor performance and product failure soon lead to a damaged reputation in the marketplace.

The Institute’s Materials Information Service typically handles 300 enquiries per month for advice and information from members, industry and academia alike.

Key benefits:
  • A telephone helpdesk
  • Regionally based materials advisors, all of whom are qualified and experienced materials technologists
  • Site visits as part of the Institute’s Industrial Affiliate Scheme
  • A totally impartial and confidential service
  • Assistance with materials selection and supplier or sub-contractor location
  • Finding sources of expertise
  • Supplying a wide range of industry-relevant publications
Enquiries can be for specific information, eg gas injection moulding or details of operations at a specific mine, for details such as specifications, properties, materials selection, or for more comprehensive information such as an evaluative review of current state of the art.

In most cases an answer is given over the telephone, in others, depending on the time involved, within a few days. Call the Information Services Helpdesk on 020 7451 7360 / 7344 or 01302 320486.

Library Services

The Institute’s Library Services provide not just a stock of books for visitors, but also a store of extremely valuable information.

Key benefits:
  • Literature searches and surveys
  • IMM Abstracts and the IMMAGE reference database
  • Data compilation
  • Selective alert services
  • Photocopying and loans
  • Historical collection and archives
Self-search facility: A unique service to the minerals and mining industry is the IMMAGE reference database covering hundreds of international minerals industry publications, available as either online, as hard copy in IMM Abstracts or as the CD-ROM version IMMAGE on CD.

Photocopies: Publications referenced on IMMAGE and the Institute’s own publications can be supplied subject to copyright. Some books, reports and maps can also be lent to members. A serials holdings list is available for download which includes all journal titles and series of reports, maps, conference proceedings etc. held in the Minerals and Mining section of the library.
Download photocopy request form (PDF 44 kb) | (MS Word 291 kb)
Download serials holdings list (MS Excel 900 kb)

Historical collection: The Institute owns a number of items of historical interest. Special collections include the Sir Henry Bessemer Collection, Percy's papers, antiquarian books, Dunlop/BTR research reports, minerals reports and the IMM historical collection. There are also subject indexes to mining industry literature from 1894 onwards and a collection of modern publications on mining history.

For literature searches, data compilation and the selective alert service, some time discussing the search topic with library staff is recommended.

Literature searches: These provide a quick and effective way of scanning worldwide information. The Institute has access to databases covering materials science. Most searches provide the enquirer with a comprehensive list of references including the original publication details and an informative abstract.

Data compilation: For minerals industry enquirers in particular, data compilation of statistics, company information and production figures from published sources can also be undertaken.

Selective Alert Service: This is provided to individuals and companies who require up to date information in their particular field.

For further information on any of the Information Services group activities, call the Information Services Helpdesk on 020 7451 7360 / 7324 or 01302 320486.

Online Encyclopedia of Materials

The Institute is a partner in which provides an online encyclopedia of materials, supported by case studies, articles and supplier information.

The Institute’s Information Services are operated by IOM Communications Ltd (Registered Charity Number 1059475), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.