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The Materials and Design Exchange – MADE - brings together the communities of design and materials technology in order to stimulate innovation, promote the transfer of materials knowledge and improve the competitiveness of UK business.

MADE is part of the Materials Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) funded by Government through the Technology Strategy Board, forging a link between designers and other sectors of the KTN concerned with metals, plastics, textiles and the full range of modern materials.

The core partners of MADE are the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3), the Royal College of Art (RCA), the Design Council, the Institution of Engineering Designers (IED) and the Engineering Employers Federation (EEF South). MATERIALS AND DESIGN EXCHANGE registration is free and offers members: The series of events coming up cover a range of topics including:

Designing out Crime - the Materials Advantage
24th June 2008 18.00 - 21.30
The design Council, 34 Bow Street London
Join Nick Ross and Sebastian Conran at this evening lecture to find out how hi-tech materials and design innovation can combat crime and catch criminals. To register for the event, please contact Tracy Breeze

Protecting What’s Yours
24th June 2008
MADE Workshop, Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
1 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1
This workshop will look at the recent advances in materials and processing that may provide solutions to personal protection, brand protection, infrastructure protection and identity.
To view the program or book your place please click here

What Wood You Use?
30th July 2008
MADE Materials Resource Centre (MRC) Open Day
This MADE luncheon and open day has a natural materials theme allowing a hands on experience combined with an open environment for free discussion.
1 pm – 3 pm
1 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1
Online registration will follow shortly

Past events

14 May 2008
“Materials and Design for Disability”
To view programme, click here

12 May 2008 New Materials, New Technologies: Innovation, Future and Society
Seminar on New Materials
To view programme, click here

1 May 2008
“Textiles and Clothing Sustainability”
To view programme, click here

25 April 2008
MADE education conference
For more information visit

24 April 2008
Annual KTN Event
For more information click here

7 March 2008
Natural Materials
To view programme, click

6 March 2008
“Beating Around The Bush”
A MADE Workshop looking at materials from nature

To view programme, click here.

4th-6th March 2008
MADE at the Surface Design Show 2008 - Stand 357

26 February 2008
“Waste Not! Want Not!”
To view programme, click here (pdf file 643k)

31 January 2008
Aluminium in the Living Environment
To view programme, click here

12 December 2007
Another Side of Fashion Lecture Series - The Fashion Context
To view programme, click here

31st October 2007
BUGZ - antibacterial materials,
To view programme, click here

25 September 2007
Manufacturing Reinvented – Additive manufacture and a second industrial revolution
Report on Manufacturing Reinvented, September 2007 pdf file 843kb

24 September 2007
Launch of Materials Resource Centre

20 September 2007
Another Side to Fashion

19 September 2007
“Illumination – Making a difference with advanced materials”
To view the programme, click here

19 September 2007
“Ceramics in the Kitchen”

17 September 2008
Making Matters – New materials and contemporary crafts
Report on Making Matters, September 2007 (word file 120k)

July 2007
De-CONSTRUCT: Re-CONSTRUCT - Innovation in bicycle materials and design
Report on MADE Summer School, July 2007 pdf file 720kb

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