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The Institute's programme of events covers a broad spectrum of activities including international congresses, national and international conferences, seminars, workshops, discussion meetings, state-of-the-art briefings and lectures. The programme is derived from topics proposed by the Institute's wide range of technical committees co-ordinated by the Industry and Technology Policy Board.

Institute events

  • Bring you face-to-face with materials experts
  • Deliver focused information
  • Promote technical advances
  • Provide a vehicle for continuous learning, evaluation and adaptation


Working closely with members, organising committees, local government, trade associations and the media we ensure our events are well supported, promoted and attended. We have established good links with journalists from the technical sphere and professional publications and work to ensure maximum exposure for events.

All events are previewed by Materials World magazine.


Sponsorship opportunities are available for many of our events:

  • Gain cost effective visibility
  • Create awareness of your company and its products
  • Create respect and goodwill
  • Position your company and place your product with a targeted audience tailor-made for you.

Suggestions forthcoming are welcome for possible sponsorship opportunities. Contact Melanie Boyce for a standard sponsorship shopping list for a specific event.


Sometimes conferences and seminars are run in conjunction with exhibitions, while alternatively an exhibition may be mounted for the benefit of conference delegates; the first is a means of attracting visitors to the show, the second is a service to those attending the conference.

Exhibition brochures are available for your perusal and exhibition stand space is subject to availability.

For further information

If you would like to be included in a mail shot, please inform us. We rely for their success on the accuracy of the mailing list used, so if amendments are necessary for your contact details, please inform us also.

The Institute's conferences & events department is dedicated to customer care and adhere to high standards of service and professionalism. The conference team are uniquely qualified to provide professional organisational assistance to all clients. Marketing opportunities are boundless!

Contact Melanie Boyce for more details.
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